one two three

one two three


um. i feel out of blog practice. my laptop came back [but now has a red random pixel on the screen. i have to take it back, but i'm not ready to give it up again so soon].... and then i got really really sick. flu sick. sick in some of the hottest weather we've had here.... there is something really not nice about being sick in sticky hot weather. it really feels like punishment.

on the other hand... i turned in my grades. so i'm officially done teaching. this has been one of the hardest years ever for me in terms of teaching and keeping it all together. so it feels good to have a summer of not teaching. i like what i'm going to teach in the fall [JUST 2 classes!] and so i really want to tweek the syllabi and come back refreshed.

anyway.... news? i do have some

contemporary textiles

i'm in this book! along with people like matthew barney and ghada amer [and a whole long list of others]. in a 100 years i never would have thought my work would be amongst pages that contained their work. it's very humbling.

amisha YOUR piece is the image they used !!!!

anyway - the book is on amazon.

and the FOUR? well... believe it or not.... june marks the fact that i've been blogging for four years. how did that happen?? and in honor of that i feel like i should have one of those leave a comment and you'll win something giveaways. i'm not sure exactly what you'll win but i'll throw in a funny wool pompom ring

pom pom ring

in colors of your choice. and maybe a tote or a T from underdog? so yeah. leave comment. random winner will be selected next monday July 1st.

thanks for reading. for being my friends. for your support and interest and to stop from just going all mushy i'll just say you guys are darn swell.....

more news this week. three shows are coming up quick!


shari said…
look at those happy birdies and that blue sky. glad to hear you are done with 1) the flu and 2) the teaching. congrats on the book. amazing stuff. and happy 4 years lisa. hope to see you soon in nh. xo
hannah said…
you're darn swell too lisa. :)
shanna said…
lisa, so happy for your inclusion in such a beautiful book! so great!

also congrats on getting through a tough year, good thing summers are for celebrating and relaxing!

wow, four years. seriously? makes me want to take stock of how long i've been around (sporadically, of course). i'm so grateful you keep on posting, it's always such a delight to read of your thoughts, look at your work!

which brings me to a small plea...don't send in your computer too soon, i've been missing you!

risa said…
everytime someone has a giveaway contest and i leave a comment i feel horribly guilty. even when it's a blog on which i leave comments all the time, the one i leave for the contest post always makes me feel bad. why is that?
congratulations on the book!
you rock.
i can't wait to buy the full lisa s. book.
it'll be awesome.
ps-the letters i have to type in so this comment goes through are "hugws." so i'm literally sending you hugws through the internet!
Kristin said…
Congratulations on the book. Lovely ring, but I must say I was distracted by the other objects in that photo. Are they skipping rope handles? I remember having a skipping rope as a child with handles just like that.
amydawnrose said…
i can't believe i am the first to post a comment, especially on a give-away post! enjoy your summer off and get well, relax, recharge. i don't know how you keep up your crazy schedule...
Nicole & Amanda said…
Welcome back and Happy BlogDay :)PomPom ring is adorable and I would be oh-so-happy to simply win that!
Maitreya said…
yay, giveaways! That ring is really cute. Glad you're feeling better. :)
Camilla said…
I've had that book on pre-order on my wish list for a while now- I had no idea you were in it too, congratulations! And happy 4th birthday as well- here's to 4 more years.
wendy said…
yeah for finishing grading.
what are you going to do with all your free time this summer.
congrats on the book.
looking forward to seeing you.
wow four years. thats pretty cool.
Andrea said…
Yaaa! for four years blogging and for the summer off! Please include my name in the giveaway drawing :)
shim + sons said…
The book looks lovely! Congratulations! And hooray for summer...although colds in the summer stink. Rest up and enjoy the sunshine!
hrsj said…
holy macaroni lisa, how do you keep it all together? so you're on a teaching break for the summer, but not a show break, whew!
congratulations on this set of wonderful news, smashing, all of it!

four. years. amazing.
Erin said…
congratulations on the book appearance, so exciting!

I always love your polaroids, thank you for sharing info about them with me, I've been enjoying using my beloved sx-70 since.
LeeAnn said…
I had no idea you have been blogging for four years! Wow. I just made a note to check that book out next time I am at the book store. Can't wait to see it!
Julie said…
Hooray, you're back! I have a burnt pixel on my iBook, and never wanted to give it up to get it fixed. Oh well! And that book looks wonderful! Congratulations on being included :)

Happy Four Years!!!! You started when I was a wee young girl finishing my first year of university ;)
louise said…
Welome home, Lisa's computer, all be it tempoarily.

Hello there dear Lisa, Where do I start with the congratulations? I think it's wonderful that you're included in "contemporary textiles" I haven't seen it yet, but will keep a keen eye out for it. And four years of blogging. You deserve a little award of some sort. Perhaps a little oscar or something like that.

xoxoxox lj
kittybaroque said…
WoW, I GOTTA admire anyone who can blog consistently and have to say I have been subbed to yours FOREVER!
Sad Mac must be devastating, I have a Mac baby also and I LOVE her (she IS a her right????, Only girl computers could be so smart and elegant (yours probably had a bad date or something...).
AWESOME to be in such a professional looking book, that is serious kudos, GREAT job* Gonna look out for it at my local Borders
HUGE congrats on 4 years*
Jacqui Dodds said…
Hi Lisa

Love your work and congrats on being included in this book - looks great.
sosser said…
you are so right about being sick in hot weather. it is the worst. glad you are feeling better. and congrats on your book, finishing the school year and the big four! yay!

also, i don't feel guilty at all here. i want to throw my hand up and yell "pick me! pick me!" is that bad?
Esti said…
Congrats for the book. You surely deserve some acknowledgement. Congrats for the finished teaching. That can be so hard sometimes :)
I'm glad that you are back, I'm even more glad that you are doing some giveaway (please, count me in) and I'm glad you aren't sick anymore. Here's to the summer days full of bliss and relaxed moments!!
Tiffany said…
Happy #4!! Yippee! I sympathize with the sickness in warm weather thing - I was out of work for 2 weeks with strep, a double ear infection and an almost sinus infection during some of the BEST days and couldn't enjoy them because I was so ill...suckhole!

But I'm glad you feel better and you get to relax and enjoy the summer!


Patricia said…
Congratulations on the book inclusion! So happy for you! :)

I hope you get some rest and feel better soon! It's so awful to be sick in hot weather. You can't even snuggle under covers.
nicole said…
I hope you're feeling perfect now. we've been having terribly hot weather down here in south-central kansas, and I can't imagine feeling ill on top of it. love to you! xo
titofarpas said…
Lovely blog... i love it.
e.soule said…
I'm glad you're back to blogging! Love the polaroids!
Mimi Tsang said…
congratulations on the book - that's such a great accomplishment! will you give us a sneak peek?
Amy@Pikaland said…
You're back (with your mac too!) :)
Love the polaroids -- and how they line up so perfectly.

Hope you feel better!
Welcome back :) Congrats on the book...which piece did they use in it?
Molly said…
Yay to being back online and yay to four years of blogging! Congrats on your two coast shows too. :)
poppy said…
It is nice to have you back - that book - so great - congratulations!

I recognize those birdies, one flew here...

: )

melissa s. said…
no thank YOU for being so lisa in your blog posts and making my days happy. congrats on the book and wishing you happy times in LA!
Alison said…
4 seems to be going around...
Congratulations on the book, so nice to have something 'solid'.

Rest and enjoy your summer!
emily said…
four years! wow. i'm so glad you're here. and congratulations on the two shows and the book - it all looks just wonderful, of course. eager to see the book.

(and. being sick in summer is unfair, i think. it just shouldn't be allowed.)
alice said…
And thank YOU for blogging. Congratulations for all the projects you have going on! Busy lady :)
amisha said…
so much wonderfulness to return with! congratulations on the book!!! and my piece... holy cow :) and congrats too on 4 years here. i am so grateful for you and your friendship, lisa. you rock. xoxo
bugheart said…
sorry to
hear what
a tough year
of teaching
it has been-
i know the
but i am
so glad
you have
the summer off...
so glad
the ups
and downs
i you are
still blogging...
such a great
to me...
babelfish said…
Hooray you're back, and with some great news too. Congrats on getting through teaching and your feature in the book! As always, you deserve everything for your hard work. Also, thanks for being such an inspiration for your blogging here, and friendships formed. Looking forward to many more years to come.

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