:( sad mac

my laptop had to get sent into apple repair today. sigh. a strange pink band appeared on my screen. fun oh fun.

so i'll be a little MIA in internet land....

hope everyone is well!


wendy said…
oh no - sad sad little mac
Molly said…
Hope it gets better soon! xo
julie said…
Hello!! long time...sad to hear about your laptop but at least the band was a nice pink!!!

LOVE your polaroids below..beautiful!
bugheart said…
i so feel
for you.
it's quite
your mac
comes back
all better.
shari said…
get well soon mac.

hi lisa. xox
gracia said…
Oh dear! Poor you... poor mac.
Wishing a speedy recovery to your gadget and a happy reunion soon.

see you, g xo
Julie said…
aww, so sorry to hear, little mac! everyone and everything seems to have been run ragged these days. but all will be well soon enough!

happy internet-less weekend, lisa!
Esti said…
Bad news, I hope at least it's repairable
amisha said…
get well soon little mac :) xox
Alison said…
As one might say here if one were trully australian...

Cally said…
poor wee mac, i hope it is a fast fix, and not too pricey. i still have never got back on my own mac, i'm totally dependent on mr.p's laptop.

i'm totally loving your recent polaroids, especially the blue hued ones (well, you know me and blues), but also teh yellows, you have such an eye for yellows and i love the soft focus on so many.
Amy@Pikaland said…
Oh no! perhaps your mac wanted some lovin' from the apple peeps ;)

Hope everything will be good again soon!
Tiffany said…
oh...so not good! my thoughts are with your laptop, hoping for a safe and well-repaired return! :^)

hrsj said…
are you back yet?
I was happy to see you at my blog tonight! :)
Awww, this happened to me a few months ago. As disheartened as I was, I was more upset that being without my Mac left me so heartbroken!

I took it as a sign and am taking some time off my laptop. We're currently 'taking a break' and 'seeing other people.'

Can't wait for your show this weekend! EEK!

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