is it officially summer?

two red chairs

above is a piece i just made for a trade with diem chau . she wanted a red piece. this is small - 8" x 8". i'm so excited she wanted to trade with me. i really really love her work. we're dealing with such similar ideas - but she uses figures. i use stand ins for figures - we're both interested in objects. and how thread operates with them - binding them, connecting them, decorating them.... i'll show you what she made me when it arrives.

so let's see. two big things on my list of things to do can be checked off. haircut and teeth cleaning. easy things to put off when you are feeling strapped for time.

i spoke to a friend today and she said i sounded more human than i had in a while. that felt good. i feel more human. more rested. sure i still have a big list of things that need to get done, but my crates are off to art stream studios , i've been getting enough sleep, eating well [although since hubby cooks most of the time i almost always eat well at home!] and i don't have ANY GRADING to do. i think that is the most exciting thing.

i was thinking about things i want to accomplish this summer - some are small small things that will feel good

+ take naps - i got out of the nap habit and they do really feel luxuriously good
+ drink ice tea in the backyard and feel some warm sun on my toes
+ take more photos. i have been uninspired and not taking pictures. i miss it. the immediacy of the shutter. i want to get back into the habit of just taking photos to take photos, not to document.
+ start on some new and BIGGER pieces in the studio. as well as a collaboration and perhaps another radial tank piece in a different colorway. pink? greens? hmmm
+ make an article of clothing. i have a huge stockpile of vintage patterns. i want to pull one out and make something.
+ go swimming
+ clean the studio
+ create an inventory list
+ clean out my closet [this involves painting and clearing out a small room in our house]
+ get a pedicure

will stop here b/c i don't want this list to get daunting.

hope your week is starting off well!


amisha said…
hurrah for feeling more human, and small summertime pleasures! this list sounds really wonderful... so many little good things that are so satisfying. i just took advantage of my super-long delay in the airport to have a pedicure and it was pretty nice :) and yes yes yes to the naps too!
e.soule said…
Love the piece that you're trading. I can't wait to see what Diem sends you.
Lisa--- this piece couldn't be any more lovely. Diem will LOVE it.

And what a wonderful list--- I'm all for the iced tea and toe sun. Do that one first. ;)
hrsj said…
I'm so happy you posted be/c I was wondering how your weekend went with getting ready for artstream.
I too would like to start some larger pieces in the studio. Perhaps we could be each other's accountability partners, help encourage one another along in their goals? :)
mmm, and i'd add, a summer with iced tea, a little sun, and PIE is good.
i'm curious about your collaboration!
risa said…
oh! i love your red piece. and i can't wait to see daum's piece for you. and your summer photos. i can't wait to see them too.
i'd love to go for a pedicure with you. it sounds so relaxing and girly...and then some light fruity drinks while wearing sandals showing off the new polish...
Julie said…
that piece is fantastic! she was right for wanting a red piece. red always sings.

your list sounds very reasonable! (though i don't know how extensive cleaning and inventory for you is.) i've never had a pedicure...perhaps i should try it?
Eireann said…
this is really nice, lisa.

i dreamt last night about working bigger. probably because (now that i'm back home for a bit at my mom and dad's house) i'm going through all my old prints & being like, um, what? i used to make things bigger than 5x7"? not having to carry one's studio with oneself does have its advantages. i want to make some big, big things. well, comparatively. for me, that probably means a foot square. HA.

UNIFORM Studio said…
this piece is lovely and reminding me of "our" swap....
I am lame.
That is a most impressive list. I can not wait to see the clothing you make.
karin said…
Lovely work. Ilike the connecting yarn-line. Diem Chaus work is very nice too, didn't know it.
babelfish said…
I've noticed that yours and diem chau's work are so similar, would be a great swap (love this piece of yours). Hooray for feeling more human, glad you had much needed rest and enjoying summer.
dandelion said…
mmm, naps, warm sun, swimming, photos and making... sounds like my plan for summer too!...x
shari said…
a beautiful piece lisa. your summertime list sounds great! enjoy the lack of grading while you can! xo
Camilla said…
Love this piece, and I especially like it when you talk about the ideas behind your work. I have such problems verbalising what I do it's always educational to hear someone else talking about their work.
Esti said…
That piece is very cool and inspiring... Anybody would like it! :)
I love the way you list your things. Like the way you talk about taking pictures just for the pleasure of taking them. i relate to that!
Have a great week!
melissa s. said…
love the piece and the list. i like that cleaning out your closet involves painting. i think we should all paint our closets every time we clean them out, you know, for incentive!
Katrina said…
i love this new piece. love, love, love. and i'm glad naps are on your summer to-do list. that seems like a lovely place to start.
Aw love, so happy to hear you are feeling more rested and nice when warm summer air has a way of creating more hours in the day, somehow.

Your list sounds pretty fab...I'm with you for sitting outside with sun on my toes, alas, it is just raining and raining here.....le sigh. Also would dearly love a pedicure...the ones I am giving myself just aren't cutting it ;))

Have a great eve, and good luck with the ticking off, xo
gracia said…
Yes, here is to naps and studio clean ups! Here's to summertime swims (a little way off for me) and red thread works...

Wishing you a little human time, Lisa... now hop to your favourite snooze spot and dream.

hugs, g
natasha said…
i would pee my pants to do a swap with you. i love the red. i am a red girl, too. oddly, i just did a little drawing of a chair just like that. it is a pleather chair that was in a yarn shop in savannah. odd.

your work is lovely and one of the things that i love about it is the diminutive size. big would be good, too.
I love your list and that piece is amazing! High 5!
Tiffany said…
summer lists are the best (i wish i could take naps during the day - i think i'd be more productive at work)!

it's good that you're so rested now and have more time for yourself - that is alwaysalways key!

enjoy! Tiff*
wendy said…
love that you have mellow time on your list! i need to make me a summer list.
bugheart said…
love your lists.
making clothing
from vintage patterns
is on mine too.
and a pedicure.
wish i lived
in SF.
bugheart said…
hooray for
not grading!!!
that piece
is so beautiful...
reminds me
of a book
i have to
send you.

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