pattern reDefined + a winner

before i talk about the show i want to thank stephanie levy - whose work i have long admired - for asking me to part of her series artists who blog. you can read my interview here

AND... the winner of the blogaversary give-a-way is SOSSER - perhaps your "pick me pick me" prayer worked? please email me as your profile is blocked and i can't find you.... :) so i can mail you your prize!

pattern reDefined - new synchronized tank : radial formation

my trip to LA was so good. catch ups with family and friends [we spied nancy reagan], meeting a special baby, shopping with grandma, and the show. oh the show.

this is one of those shows where things just really clicked. i was excited to be a part of this show from the get go, but then seeing all the work together made my heart cartwheel. above is my new tank configuration. round and smaller.... reminiscent of the toxin doily drawings of mine also on view. the best part? ONE PIECE. yes. i succumbed and glued the sucker once i figured out placement in my studio. as much as i love a good installation, sometimes there just isn't enough time.

pattern reDefined

my work alongside Freddy Chandra's and Jil Weinstock's is simply put a good fit. we are all interested in repetition. we are all so interested in color [the show actually matched - which could be a detriment, but in this case it worked. i loved how green, blue, yellow, bounced around the room in all of our works]. ultimately we are all involved in negative space. but what i didn't realize until i was standing in the exhibition was how we all are invested in material - not only the media that we use to make our own work, but the actual materiality as well. physicality. how we start to touch with our eyes... or want to touch from looking. i firmly believe that artists need to make conscious decisions about their materials for each choice can add another layer to the work. this show proves that point. what happens when you embed drawings into resin that looks like candy, when shirts and doilies are made of rubber, when felt is used to represent a tank or thread is sewn onto paper to give a drawing a new dimensionality? what happens is that the familiar is not. that our perceptions are altered. that what is known to be hard becomes soft and visa versa.

pattern reDefined

anyway, the show is up through august 16th at walter maciel gallery . THANK YOU to everyone who came out! and to she that couldn't but sent flowers because she was working on a great project.

this week my studio is a factory as i frame and wrap the work for an upcoming show with lisa congdon at art stream studios . it has to go out monday at the latest.... happy tuesday!


Awww, it was my pleasure. And I can't wait to head up to see it sometime soon!!!! :)

Love to you dearie!
hrsj said…
I think I'd do carwheels too, it looks so real and heart thumpingly good.
I wish too I could come up to artstream for your next show, that would be a blast!
risa said…
wow. this exhibit looks great. and i am sooooooooo excited about your upcoming show with lisa c. it sounds amazing.
comfies said…
looks wonderful lisa! your work is beautiful. and i LOVED your interview as well, loved it...
wendy said…
your interview was awesome.
it was a pleasure to see you, wish it was longer.
the show is beautiful
poppy said…
I love the look of the show -

And always love hearing your thoughts, here and with Stephanie's interview.
babelfish said…
What a beautiful looking show, I too love the unexpected use of materials leading viewers to relate to the object in new ways (so great when art surprises). LOVED your interview with Stephanie!
Katrina said…
the photos of the show look gorgeous. totally gorgeous. and i love this post and this glimpse into your thoughts around your work. it's generous and wonderful! sorry to miss your giveaway but so glad your computer is fixed and you are back in bloggy action. cheers to you!
it looks really beautiful:)
tracy said…
so sorry we didn't make it out. looks lovely - and is on our to do list (with pleasure)! xo
louise said…
The exhibition looks fantastic! Huge congratulations from your friend in Melbourne town, who as per usual has to miss seeing your gorgeous work in person. Never mind, I'm sure I'll be lucky enough to one day. xo lj
dandelion said…
ooh ooh ooh! love the pics from the show - especially the tanks that look like a sunflower to them...x
amisha said…
i really love the new tank configuration... and the explorations of materiality and perception in all of your work! it sounds like such a fantastic exhibition with the other artists as well.
and congrats on getting everything shipped out today! :) xox
gracia said…
Cartwheeling congratulations to you! The exhibition looks great... really really super! And here's to many more such projects and connections and catch ups and more.

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