pigments + rochester NH

hanging the show

lisa congdon and i are in new hampshire. we hung our show yesterday after some fun deliberation - and with the help of susan and adam and rainer of art stream . everyone should have an adam to help them hang. makes life so much easier! [you can check out lisa c's flickr stream for more photos of install and pieces. she's a better flickr-er than i am!

tonight is the opening. apparently there will be some exciting appearances by some east coast folk... it should be fun. our work will also be available online in artstream's shop tonight [july 18th] at 5pm eastern time. one of my favorite things about susan is that she encourages financing of pieces. i love it when galleries try to make work accessible to people.

ben franklin crafts

lisa and i had to get some exacto knives and so we went to ben franklin crafts . the neatest [in terms of organized] craft store we've ever seen.

i also went out for a minute to get some liquid refreshment [it's HOT] and spied this:
vault alarm

and this

perfect 10

earlier in the day we saw a bunch of gymnastics girls running by the gallery. there's a gym right down the way....

think good thoughts for us tonight. and for my husband. who is home alone dealing with some very unfun pet stuff right now....

we are off to maine tomorrow


Oh nooo--- is Tonka ok????

Sending my prayers to you and yours!
shari said…
hi lisa.

i don't think i ever told you but the idea behind this show is so inspiring and exciting! can't wait to see it. love the vault alarm and the trophies. always fun to see new places through your eyes.

hope your pets feel better soon.

have a great opening. xo
Kathleen said…
I'm sure the opening tonight will be a smashing success. The pics I've seen so far look fabulous. Love the layering in your new pieces.

I hope everything is ok with the pets. It is so stressful when they are sick and can't TELL you they're ok. Sending positive thoughts and energy their way:)
I love what you're doing with this show, I can't wait to see more pics.

**hope your pets are ok

***love that picture of the vault alarm...the colours are beautiful.
meg said…
have a great show tonight! sorry i'll miss it. can't wait to see you tomorrow night!
Katrina said…
congrats on this show! i can't wait to see your new work. and dear wishes to your dear pets too. enjoy the east coast!
Anonymous said…
...thinking good thoughts for you all round hon. Hope the pets are okay!

Hope the show goes great! It looks AMAZING!!, xo
shanna said…
so sad i won't be there, dear lisa!
i can imagine it will be a really fun evening, and a gratifying one to. your work is stunning. i'm hoping there's something left after it's over (selfishly).

sending good thought to your sweetheart too, hope all is ok.
stephanie levy said…
Sounds like you are having fun in NH. I wish you all the best with the show - and of course with your pets as well. Can't wait to check out more photos of your work.
hrsj said…
hi lisa, yay for your show! i too love the idea behind it and the way you are collaborating on it.
you're probably at the opening right now as i type this and i'm hoping it's a lovely evening for you.
i'm wishing someday we too can meet. have wonderful visits in maine!
thanks for keeping us posted on all the goodness!
Julie said…
I hope everything went well tonight! For you two and for your husband and pup :)

I can't wait to see more pictures of the show!
susan said…
i absolutely love the fact you found these pretty photos on main street.(and that you found the "vault")
it's been wonderful having you both here!
thanks for it all...
babelfish said…
Great things spotted on your walk, hope you are enjoying the show and maine- looks great. Hope Tonka is well.x
stephanie levy said…
hi Lisa,

I just took a look at the online shop of your work at artstream and I am blown away. really, really beautiful stuff. i wish i were rich and i would go shopping!!
louise said…
Hope the opening was ace. The gallery certainly looks gorgeous, so I'm sure you had a wonderful time. I hope too your pets are well and everything is ok back home. xo lj
gracia said…
In such good company, I am sure the opening was a great affair. I am off to peruse those flickr pics in the hope that it will feel just like being there.

Have fun, g xx
bugheart said…
hope everything
is alright
with the pets...
will call.
so glad you
got to take
a little vacation
and had
an adam
to help!
amisha said…
hope everything is ok with the pets! that is so hard to deal with alone; hope d (+ your babies) got through it ok.

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