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frog bear

i made this bear for a friend's new baby. [premie baby - but she's fine]. something about a bear being able to dress up as a frog really cracked me up. plus i was literally so excited to go to michael's to buy googly eyes. when was the last time i used googly eyes?!?

the pattern came from this book:
crochet toys

i really want to make the elephant finger puppets

studio desk

i was looking at my desk in the studio yesterday. i can spy the evidence of at least 4 projects in the works. the pile of papers is all the research i did for pigmentary portraits - my upcoming show with lisa congdon at art stream studios . it's coming up quick. more on it very soon.

happy thursday! tonight i am meeting up with a friend from LA who is in town and we'll be stopping by the show at rare device


shari said…
what a sweet bear. love the frog costume. :) enjoy the rare device show and say hi to lisa.
risa said…
what a lovely gift!
i can't wait to see your pigment work. i can't wait. i can't wait.
bri said…
i want photographic evidence of you in a jumpsuit... have fun tonight!

Julie said…
I'm excited to see what you're working on!
hrsj said…
yes, that bear/frog is too adorable, i'm really glad your friend's baby is doing well.

i was wondering what that stack of papers were about. that is a lot of research my dear.

that's going to be a great show that you and lisa are doing. yay!
melissa s. said…
bear in frog hat made me squeal. what a lucky babe. happy days to you!
bmee said…
i would love to learn to sew.do u have any tips for beginners? or maybe any web/book that could help?
ann said…
i would love to learn to sew.could u suggest any book/websites for beginners?
this chicken said…
Oh my gosh! He is so cute! I found you via Cuteable - great blog :)
babelfish said…
Your crochet bear is super-cute, oh how I wish I knew how to crochet -you're so clever :) You always have so many projects on the go, and you manage so well (I could do with some tips!) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
dandelion said…
ooh - a bear dressed as a frog - so cool!...x
ohhh that little bear is so cute...I LOVE it that he's dressed up like a frog haha cracks me up too!
Katrina said…
adorable bear masquerading as a frog. completely adorable. and i can't WAIT to see your work for the upcoming show. i sometimes find that oodles of research inspires me in a new direction. happy artmaking...
gracia said…
So great seeing a peek at a part of your workspace, catching sight of a pile of worthy research and other tinkerings. Yes, I am wishing that I could pop along to the exhibition opening... as I can't, I wish you much luck and strong nerves. Have fun!

hugs, g xx
Esti said…
A frog costume makes him a cool bear... who would have guessed? Ha, ha...
bugheart said…
that book
is amazing!
i love crochet
i need to learn
to crochet better.
hope you had
fun with
your friend.
amisha said…
oh goodness. i am always catching up huh? :)
i really love the bear dressed as a frog... brilliant! e got me a crochet book from kinokuniya and i need to break down my fear and just learn already!

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