still in vacation mode

as i slept

i gave myself permission to take today off. i had breakfast with a friend and gave her a dreamweaver lesson and then proceeded to simply do nothing else today. i didn't have enough energy for the studio and so i didn't go! how luxurious!

i thought i'd share a few pictures from maine

moustache row

one of the BEST things about the trip was all the good food, the amazing sites and hanging out with wonderful people. we all know maria is amazing [pictures with her to follow].... but there's a whole creative contingent ALL in portland. dinner with jennifer , meg , betsy maria and lisa c. was one of the highlights of the trip. so was meeting and seeing karen gelardi's studio. just so so good. what a community! i felt like wherever we went we met genuinely nice sincere folks. on the street, in stores, at the beaches [which were so beautiful]....

a few favs:

yellow door + buoys

i see red feet

beckys late

yellow dingy

small church

most of the maine pics here . still have some shots of maria and her house/studio left to share.

have a great friday!


Gracious, you can take pictures AND make 'em. Think you can lend a talent to me one of these days? I'll give it back! :)

Love to you; so glad you're back safe and sound. And you're right--- Maine food is G-O-O-D.
meg said…
i love to see your perspective of portland. did you guys go to becky's for breakfast? jen and i like to go there sometimes instead of the gym...

thanks again for inviting me out - it was so great to meet you!
UNIFORM Studio said…
it looks and sounds like you had a fantastic time.
can't wait to see your photos w/ maria:)
when are you coming to mpls?
we can show you a swell time too:)
melissa s. said…
i love all the pop out-y colors in your pics. especially those red shoes. that other portland looks lovely.
stephanie levy said…
Your trip sounds so great. I have never seen much of New England and I've always wanted to visit Maine.
I think it is so cool how all of the art bloggers are hooking up in the "real world". When are you all going to come over to Munich!??
Anonymous said…
Although the sea air has had its effects, it is still quite lovely and clean. And then there are the sky, the beach, the occasional flower. WOW, very beautiful!
oh gosh, such lovely pictures! The one with the yellow door is so so lovely! <3
Kathleen said…
Great photos Lisa. Sounds like an awesome trip. Karen Gelardi's studio must have been incredible. I'm such a fan of her work...oh, now I want to go to Maine! Enjoy your day off.
risa said…
lately i've been dreaming of moving to a beach town in new england. did i tell you that already?
mostly i dream of cape cod, but maine would be amazing too...
i love your photos.
dandelion said…
wow, fantastic photos lisa - it looks like you had a great time...x
shari said…
so fun to see maine through your eyes. i think it is one of my favorite states. how wonderful that you went to karen's studio. i love her work. xox
Anke said…
Beautiful pictures...since I'm not living in the States it's also nice to learn about places I've never been to. I've heard so many wonderful things about Portland recently.
wendy said…
i love all those pictures...especially the sign.
maine is one of my favorite places.
i love all the trees.
so glad that you had a good time.
karin said…
Nice and inspiring to have so many creative people around. Like the photos.
hrsj said…
Someday I would really love to see the new england beaches. I think the rocks would be so interesting; I'm used to sandy beaches w/ no rocks. What are the beaches like in S.F.?

it's good to be in vacation mode :)
Meg said…
I've been talking all month about wanting to visit Maine. sigh
Esti said…
very good pictures.

that owl.

that sign.

never been to maine, but I've taken the idea, thanks.

Katrina said…
congratulations on taking a day off! i sometimes find that taking some down-time or even a weekend out-of-town can be the most productive thing for my creative work. sometimes we need to do nothing! quite a feat. and your maine photos are lovely.
amisha said…
such good travel shots lisa. it is so fun to travel through your eyes... i am really digging the moustache row of houses :)
babelfish said…
maine sounds and looks like a beautiful and peaceful place, the creative energy etc...I would love to visit one day.
aleciagrimm said…
Lovely travel photos!!
bugheart said…
i have
to see maine...
looks so
through your
i spy

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