hanging with the ladies

OK - the last of the maine pics

what do you see

maria would rather be a rat than a cockroach. she also does this adorable thing where she waves at birds and cats, etc and says hi... or i see you....

mav's arm

she also makes a mean lunch

ladies lunch

her studio is also lovely

72 lines and shapes

72 goods

good-bye maine.... thank you for a good visit... and for all the memories all pics here

at the marine store
{there was an amazing marine store there - just look at this rope!}

this week it's framing, packing, shipping central at the studio. i dream of having a little shipping center - table - brown paper roll on the wall - boxes and bubble and labels and string all lined up, organized, and ready to go.... is that strange? maybe someday i will have my own little shipping area.

i also ran downstairs to jot down 5 words. last night just as i was falling asleep i had an epiphany. i think i know what i want to do next in the studio. time to research ... i love this part - when and idea just starts to take shape.... it feels exciting.

hope your mid-week is going well....

p/s i've really been enjoying everyone's thoughts on making and the disconnect.... thank you for sharing


gracia said…
So beautiful, all of it. I am so happy you had such a brilliant time... it all looks and sounds close to ideal. And, enjoy that heady magnificence of ideas swimming about in your head - I hope you hook them all.

see you grache
karin said…
The photo with the hand is nice.
I love looking through stores like this, searching for material.
shari said…
oh maria. love her so.

epiphanies are the best. so satisfying. can't wait to hear what you will soon be researching!

have a good day!
Karen said…
Oh, looks like you had such a good trip! So jealous you got to check Maria's work in person and got to hang with her...
wendy said…
these photos are brilliant.
UNIFORM Studio said…
so fun for you to be there all together.
I love the image I have of you running downstairs to jot down the 5 words.
can't wait to see where they lead...
Tiffany said…
I love to see other people's pictures of Maine - makes me stop taking my surroundings for granted. It gives me a new perspective to see it through the eyes of someone who doesn't live here.

So glad you shared your picts!
Katrina said…
these photos are lovely. i adore the one of the hand and the red couch. and enjoy your new inspiration and the brand new impulses to follow. of course, i can't wait to watch it evolve!
amisha said…
those epiphanies are so so good... when you have to leap up out of bed to capture it because you just know you've hit something amazing. i can't wait to see what comes of it!
and maria is too cute! it looks like such a fun trip. NY definitely has to be next on the list :)
OMG I must know what the epiphany is! Eek! I can't wait! :)

And I dream of shipping centers as well. I have a nice little gift-wrapping closet that I just sit at and dream of all the different wrapping concoctions I can come up with. It's quite fun, really. :)
Julie said…
You know I don't think that's strange! I even get excited down shipping/packaging aisles in office supply stores! I love seeing a fresh box of 500 envelopes packed neatly. And the finished product of course, ready to go!

...I'm getting carried away :)

I'm enjoying these peeks into corners of Maria's studio. One day...
julie said…
hello dear lisa. Thank you for your recent comments.

I have missed a lot over here but having just looked over previous posts have to say how much i love your pics of Maine - really sounds wonderful. And your exhibtion with lisa c looks so good too.

glad to be back here :) xxx
babelfish said…
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful trip to maine, so many beautiful moments and happy thoughts, this makes me smile. Hooray to epiphanies!
bugheart said…
i always
have a pen
and paper
by the bed
your trip
i think
i would rather
be a
one of
those lovely
yellow ones.
louise said…
Looks like you had a brilliant stay. I can definitely understand the desire for a shipping area. I too dream of a little organised spot like that. xo lj

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