the notion of the facade

illustration play in urban outfitters

i had a weird moment the other day. the urban outfitters catalogue arrived and as i was flipping through it [feeling old because there are very few things kids are wearing today that i want to wear. we've moved onto the 80's through a hippie lens?] - i came to the above page and paused. wait - that's illustration play. wait. i'm IN THAT BOOK. wait. urban outfitters is selling it? is it in stores? can i walk into a store and have a weird moment of i'm IN THAT BOOK in a hipster college environment? hmmmmm


so this last sunday the new york times included their T style magazine. my friend grace pointed out the above hermes outfit to me. it's pretty great. of course wandering through the snow w/ a yak [or buffalo?] in a million dollar outfit doesn't really seem feasible, but that's what we love about high fashion right?

also in the magazine was a fantastic article on catherine opie . when i was lucky enough to see her ice fishing series in LA i practically wept in front of them. i admire how she constantly looks for different things to photograph. and reading this quote made me see how she ties them all together:

"From early on, I wanted to create a language that showed how complex the idea of community really is, how we categorize who we are as human beings in relation to places we live," ... Her 1995 photographs of Beverly Hills and Bel Air homes aren’t so different, she says, from her portraits of the S-and-M community. "They’re both about the notion of the facade, and body modification is as much of a facade as architecture."

um yeah. chew on the notion of facade for a few hours and see what you come up with.

hope your wednesday is going well. and thanks for all the studio well wishes. and the underdog ink support. you guys are great!


Camilla said…
I have that illustration play book, but I picked it up in Barcelona. I'd never heard of it and was so excited when I came across it- I was flicking through it saying 'I know her, I know her' even though I don't really know any of the people in it.
risa said…
I've totally had that same experience as Camilla. I'll see some product with art/illustrations by someone I "know" throught the blog world and will start telling whomever I'm with that I know so-and-so and so-and-so until they start asking me questions and I realized I don't really "know" them.
But you I feel like I really do know even if we've never met in person. So the next time I'm in an Urban Outfitters, I'm going to proudly open the illustration play book and point out your work and say, "I know her!"
PS-That Hermes outfit is gorgeous! The skirt actually reminds me of a knit one I just bouhgt from Anthro. Now I just need that orange coat and a yak.
shari said…
love that high fashion with a yak. so great. and, i had no idea we were in an 80's hippie fashion trend. see, at least you are in the know. those ice fishing photos! oh my gosh. i wonder if i will see any in vermont? hugs.
clairehelene7 said…
That quote is fascinating, thanks for sharing it, I'm going to mull over it for awhile.

I just want to thank you for all of the good tips you give - I just finished The Accidental Masterpiece. It was wonderful and made me stop and think. I plan on giving it to several people. Thanks.
bugheart said…
had to laugh
i remember
was in.
wonderful links.
ice fishing
amanda said…
mnn...that quote is so interesting. I'll be thinking about that. And that yak. ;)

(sending excited wishes on your new studio dreamin' and plannin'!)
I meant to tell you Lisa, after I came back from Paris, that I had spotted your book {that's what it's called to me ;)} in Le Bon Marche, Paris' best and most amazing department store and that I had purchased it there...

...I really love it btw, such a fab book!!

So...seems like you are in all the hot places. Quite right too...and long may it be so.
hrsj said…
i'm really stuck on the reality vs. fantasy idea here.
1] i have a hard time moving beyond the contrived story in fashion spreads, albeit i like looking at them. i'm too practical though.

2] and then catherine opie makes daily life look so fantastic.

you always give me something to think about, thank you lisa.
Anke said…
I had a similar experience when I was at Urban outfitters in London a couple of weeks ago...bad 80's flashback and every item of questionable quality...I couldn't understand what the hype was about and felt old and uncool. Coming to think of it, I wasn't cool in the 80's either.... ;)
The book looks great - so does the yak outfit...maybe you could take it down a notch and wear it as a doggy walking outfit???
Katrina said…
oh gosh, urban outfitters. i was in there a few weeks ago with my partner because he needed tshirts and by the time we left we were so out of it. the double-priced holgas by the counter, the boom box with an ipod insert, it was just too much! perhaps it's our age. but i did see your book and also say, "i know her"!

i could look at high fashion photos all day and just stay dreamy. yes, what we cannot have but what we can imagine. a million dollar outfit while pulling a yak through the snow: oh, the decadence, the romance!
babelfish said…
Oh yes, I was at Urban Outfitters the other day and saw Illustration Play on sale (naturally, I thought of you)! -found your beautiful work inside :) Loving this image with the Hermes outfit.
stephanie levy said…
Oh yes, I do like Catherine Opie - thanks for the quote.

I just checked out your link to Aurora's work - wow, I love it, especially her installations! Why haven't I discovered her before? Very inspirational.

And... yes, I am practicing asking the universe for what I need too. Good luck with your studio project - it sounds like a great idea and I am SURE you will turn your dream into reality!!
DITTO TO CAMILLA! :) Here's a conversation I just had with Husband:

Me: "Oooh, my friend Lisa is for sale in Urban Outfitters!"
Husband: "Ok..."
Me: "No, like in a book for sale."
Husband: "Lisa who?"
Me: "Duh, Lisa Solomon"
Husband: "Have I met her?"
Me: "Hmm, I don't believe so."
Husband: "Erin, have YOU met her?"
Me: "Oops. Nope."
julie said…
oh those ice fishing houses!!

the idea of facade has been on my mind for quite a while now.

hugs, julie
gracia said…
Oh, that Hermes costume... how superb!

As it slides into spring over here I am hoping to see less of the 80s than more. It's not for me, in any shape or any form.

be well, g xx
Esti said…
Hi there! I have just a moment to drop you a quick comment: thanks for coming by my blog and leaving your nice comments. They always cheer up my day.
1. I'll check that book as soon as I get back to Bilbao. Looks interesting.
2. What I like most about high fashion is the photography: always great, sometimes outrageous...
3. I couldn't agree more (with that quote and opie's work). We all try to portray what we think we are through a facade. This idea is so inspiring that I'd love to start a project around it.
4. Enjoy your summer!!
poppy said…
i saw that hermes ad too, and would also love to be wearing it. i don't know if i'd look authentic in it though like you would.
Molly said…
Congrats on the weird moment of spotting your work in a store! I know that I've been a bit down about some of the 80s things coming back... like, my favorite cords are now thin legged this season, eep, so I can't replace all my old ones (I knew I should have just bought everything in pairs... this whole having-dogs-and-wrestling-in-the-just-mowed-grass thing is silly)

jess gonacha said…
I LOVE that photo. It is so amazing! And I can totally relate to the Urban Outfitters thing-- I went there last weekend on my birthday and didn't see one thing I liked at all! I felt so unhip and uncool-- and I used to love that store! oh well -I guess I'll have to upgrade to Anthropologie. :)And congrats on being in the book and being all over the world-- that's amazing!!
Tracy said…
love opie's work. had the same reaction to ice fishing as you. those and the freeways...

amisha said…
that catherine opie quote is awesome. that gives me something to chew on for the rest of the day for sure :) it resonates particularly with me right now... i have been thinking so much about these issues with respect to my community/ field here. xox

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