taking a leap + underdog ink [it rhymes i had to do it]

giraffe + bird shirts

hello friends.

why the title of this post you ask?

well.... i have decided that it really is time to try and simplify my world a bit, for several reasons. and one of those steps is to let go a bit of underdog ink . i'm not going to totally dismantle it - because who knows - perhaps i'll get a whim to design a shirt - or some jewelry, or a softie or two and i'll want a place to sell that stuff. but i am going to try and clear out the inventory i have at the studio. SO - above is the new design - a little bird saying hello to a giraffe - available on both women's T's and baby/toddler Ts [sizes 6-12 through 4T] and totes. AND - all the older designs i have - women's - baby's - and jewelry are 15-45% off. i’m most likely never going to reprint any old imagery [at least not in the same color/shirt combos]– so now is the time to grab something – pretend it’s christmas in august.

giraffe + bird - bag

the other reason this is a leap is because i'm going to try and use/save any proceeds from this sale for a build lisa a studio fund. i love my studio. i love that it's only 5 minutes away from my house. but i'm realizing that i really need to time manage better - if i have an hour of "free" time i want to be able to use it in my studio. i can't do that now. just the effort of packing myself and the dogs into the car means i need to have at least 3 hours of time. plus i'm always leaving something i need in one place or the other... and thus i am going to attempt to build myself a space in my backyard. going into debt scares me - but i know this is worth it ! and if aurora has taught me anything it's that i must ask the universe for things that i truly want.

a set of plans by a very very dear one [close to our favorite bug ] are almost complete. i have a feeling this is going to be one huge roller coaster ride....

anyways. thanks, as always, for your continued support - and if you are up for early christmas shopping - visit underdog ink!

have a great friday and weekend


Camilla Engman said…
I hope you will get what you wish for. xox
bugheart said…
simplify. yes.
it's always
good (but so hard)
to do that.
so exciting...
your new studio!
then i will
see what
that scribbling
and sunday trips
to the office
are all about.
ps love
the new design!
betsy said…
Oh, Lisa, that is so exciting!!! I know everyone feels differently about having a studio space at home or away from home but I'm like you (at least during this stage in my life). I love having the ability to dash up to the studio for 30 minutes to slap another layer of something on or sketch out an idea or organize materials. Or sometimes just sit. That being said, the studio reno has been a lot more stressful, been more costly and taken longer than I imagined. I can't wait to settle into my new creative space. And I can't wait to see your new studio space unfold! xo
Camilla said…
I'm sure a studio will come your way before very long- exciting times!
shari said…
a backyard studio sounds awesome. a backyard studio designed by grub...even better. love the giraffe tees. xo
risa said…
I just contributed to the fund! I hope your dream comes through soon!!!
Katrina said…
i love the new print. and also applaud you for trying to simplify and get ever-closer to what you want most to spend your time creating. (this can be a huge feat.) and i also applaud you for dreaming up a backyard studio too. and for all this dreaming, dear lisa, congrats!
nicole said…
I, too, hope you get what you wish for! how nice it'd be to have a place so close. xo
hrsj said…
yay yay yay for backyard studio! debt is worth it for that :)
simplify is good. i need to do that too, thanks for the reminder.
Kathleen said…
oh, what an exciting leap. a studio in your backyard...what a dream! congratulations are definitely an order. just visualize that perfect studio and i am sure the universe will smile on you. i've been asking the universe for quite a lot lately...it hasn't let me down yet:)

love the new design too!
Julie said…
how exciting! i think it'll definitely be worth it. it may be a bit of a loss, financially, but you'll gain so much in the end. can't wait to see it all unfold!
Esti said…
I'm sure you'll get the studio you are longing for. And hopefully I can check your sale items when I get back from my vacation.
louise said…
Hi Lisa,
Sounds like a wonderful plan. Wow, your own custom made studio in your own backyard! Life will be absolutely blissful and even more productive... is that possible? xo lj
Patricia said…
I'd LOVE a backyard studio. I'll live vicariously through you for now. It's going to be great I'm sure. Can't wait to see it!
Anonymous said…
Excellent and exciting plan Lisa...sounds fab :)

..fingers crossed the universe rewards you with your wish xo
poppy said…
yes i believe in asking the universe too, and i will ask it for you too!

: )
babelfish said…
Hooray for a sale, and even better for plans of a new studio, how exciting! Hope everything comes to fruition speedily for you.x
Anke said…
I'm sure this will work out well for you - hurray for the new studio! Now you've send it out there, someone will listen...XO
julie said…
I think your plan is fantastic - a positive step and you can always go back to UI when it suits you.

Dreams must always be followed.
Have a lovely weekend xx
Leililaloo said…
Hi Lisa, you don't know me. Thats not important. I just have to say you are a great thinker and blogger,and artist. I read your intervieuw over at Stephanie levy. You said some really great things aboit what blogging should be. I want to thank you for those words, they will be my reference from now on. I will try to stay as honest and clear as i possibly in my own blog from now on. Thank you.

And i also believe in asking the universe...You will get what you need, if you formulate it clearly.
OOOH, a Lisa Studio Fund! I'd gladly donate, my dear. ;)
christine said…
So exciting, Lisa! I hope you get your dream studio (and I hope I can visit it someday).

I love the new tees too.

Tiffany said…
Rock on, my dear! Whoo-hoo for a new studio and for simplifying!
gracia said…
My fingers are tightly crossed in the hope that you achieve all that you wish for... GOOD LUCK!
hugs, grache
jenifer74 said…
oh how lovely to think about a studio our your backyard. sounds divine. good luck with all the plans!!
amisha said…
a studio at home... how exciting!! and yes yes to asking the universe for what you want. it will come.

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