art shows opening today

coagulant rifle target :: arnica chamissonis

so... i have two exhibitions opening today... one in chicago at the David Weinberg Gallery called Who Gets What : a political show. i wish i could pop in for the opening from 5-8 tonight, but alas my teleporter is still dysfunctional

The Franks
David Opdyke
Michael Ratulowski
Lisa Solomon
Sonja Thomsen
Krista Wortendyke

David Weinberg Gallery
300 W Superior Street
Suite 203
Chicago, IL 60654

they wanted to put coagulant rifle targets in the show - so i gathered all the ones i had left and then made 3 new ones. it was actually kind of fun to re-visit a series. when i was researching plants that would be good for wound care or to stop bleeding i had no idea there were so many. i ended up not using them all so i went back to 3. above is arnica chamissonis [or wild sunflowers]. they also put my pink plexi tank w/ green polka dots in the show - so that's kind of nice.... here's the other two coagulants:

coagulant rifle target :: pink geraniums
pink geraniums

coagulant rifle target :: wild purple geraniums
wild purple geraniums

3 generations : obasan, ocasan, grammy and me

also opening today is Tattered Cultures Mended Histories at the honolulu academy of arts .

if you want to read more about this piece [which is a portrait of me, my mom, and my grandmothers] please go here you can also see all 4 pieces individually on my website on the portfolio page click on thread drawings

September 6 - 27

This invitational contemporary fiber art exhibition includes works by twenty-two international fiber artists who are members of the Textile Society of America. The exhibition explores how dominant ideologies of a specific time and place often tatter the cultural heritage of the less dominant and culturally diverse. Artists whose works are featured in the exhibition include Emi Figi, Wendy Kawabata, Kim Jeeun, Chunghie Lee, Lisa Lee Peterson, Seiko Purdue, Denise Ava Robinson, Lisa Solomon, Gail Tremblay and Consuelo Jimenez Underwood. Tattered Cultures: Mended Histories is curated by University of Hawaii Assistant Professor and Fibers Area Chair Mary Babcock in collaboration with Academy Art Center Curator Carol Khewhok.

it's exciting that my work will be reunited with wendy kawabata's work . i wish i could go to hawaii for this!

hope you all have nice plans for the weekend!
i'm off to run some errands....


risa said…
oh! i love all of these new works. love the top target piece. love, love the new embroideries of you and the women in your family.
i love reading your descriptions too...the work is thoughtful on many levels.
melissa s. said…
congrats lisa! i hope to see your artwork in person someday (i know, i say that alot). happy weekend!
Spare Ribbon said…
I love your work, very inspiring.
shari said…
you've been a busy busy bee! lovely new work. enjoy your weekend friend. xo
comfies said…
oh my goodness, lisa, i love these target pieces. just beautiful.
Esti said…
How smart those target pieces!!
Both shows look amazingly good!
hrsj said…
that's really interesting to me about the wild sunflowers. i appreciate all the research and depth in your work lisa.
congratulations on your shows :)
Leililaloo said…
Your work is fabolous, i just wish i could see it in real life some day...I'll put this wish on my vision board... they say that it works. Goodluck on the expo.
betsy said…
Wow, wow, wow! Lisa, I love all of the thought that goes into your work. That target series is amazing (my favorite is the arnica) as are the thread drawings. Wonderful work. And so meaningful. As always. xo
julie said…
beautiful work lisa!!
I really enjoyed reading the thoughts behind them and appreciate you sharing them with us. xxx
stephanie levy said…
wonderful new work and how exciting to have two shows opening - big congrats to you! those target pieces are very unique.

thanks for dropping by as always lisa, you cheer me!
gracia said…
You may, I suspect, already know this, but I shall tell you again - I so so wish I could be there to see your work in person.

Congratulations X2.

Your work looks just grand!

g xx
louise said…
That teleporter would be a popular thing if only we could all get it going!
Congratulations on all your work and openings. As always I'm very excited for you. xo lj
Mary-Laure said…
How exciting! Many congratulations. Chicago and Honolulu, how glamourous...
poppy said…
Oh, I'm a bit behind on my blog visiting....

Love the contrasts in the target and flower series and the Tattered Cultures I'm sure is stunning in person (especially in Honolulu - my teleporter isn't working either - who's making these things?)
beautiful! I'm off to look up some of those fiber artists you posted :)

Congrats on the two shows, they look awesome!
babelfish said…
I love both these works, as always I am drawn to the thought-processes behind them and its manifestation. Love the idea behind the use of materials, backside of embroidery symbolising what we reveal/hide - simply amazing!
please sir said…
Looks like a really cool show - love the needlework.
Oh dear--- these are so lovely. :)
Julie said…
It's great to see what you've been up to! They're beautiful, Lisa :)
nature morph said…
You are a rock star, Lisa my dear. The target pieces -- wow, I hadn't seen this permutation of them before. You continue to inspire me. xo
amisha said…
these are incredible lisa. i really love the target pieces. the research you put into your work is amazing.
and those thread pieces... just so good. it is always so fascinating to hear the stories behind the work and your process.
Katrina said…
congrats, congrats! i always love reading about the concepts behind your work (like the healing herbs) and then seeing your work is like icing on the concept cake! you continue to amaze me, dear lisa. CONGRATS!
Kelly said…
How cool - hopefully I can visit the Chicago exhibit! I love the juxtaposition in your work between materials/surfaces and the thing portrayed. It's very inspiring!

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