the good and the sad

opening tomorrow : new radial tank formation

the good ::

if you are around tomorrow night in SF - i'm participating in a show

Kearny Street Workshop presents the 10th annual APAture:

A Window on the Art of Asian Pacific Americans

opening Thursday [9/18/08] 7-9:30pm {i'll be attending!}
@ Space 180
180 Capp Street at 17th Street 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA

it's up through the 27th [short and sweet]

more info here

i've never really participated in an "Asian" show.... i kind of like the idea of it - especially because when i think about it - my work is so influenced by japanese aesthetics. going to japan solidified the notion that i might have some kind of cellular memory - i can't wait to see the work of the other artists and how the show is put together. i just dropped of my work for install, so it's all a surprise.

this was his truck

the sad ::

this was our neighbor's truck. major's truck. we would see him driving the truck around the neighborhood. it's undeniably his. in his 80's he was the best neighbor we've ever had. he used to work construction. he was the mayor of the block. he would sit in this truck and just watch the street. he was happiest outside in the sun. he told you where to park and when to move your car for street sweeping. he called you baby [or me young lady]. apparently he swore - but never in front of me. he put out the trash for all the neighbors that forgot. he loved people working. was happiest being foreman - watching us work in the yard he would nod with approval. with 2 sheds full of tools when we needed a jackhammer to bust up the pond in our yard he asked us which one we wanted [he had 3]. he was best friend to our cat chini [our three legged orange tabby]. chini would go over there every day for his second or third breakfast [of bacon or popeye's chicken]. you could hear him talking to chini [who he called mini] all the time. major died last week. and already it feels too quiet. i see chini sitting in his driveway seemingly waiting for his friend. and it breaks my heart.


betsy said…
Oh Lisa, I'm so sorry about your friend and neighbor Major. It sounds like your neighborhood was a better place because of him. Something tells me that Major's lessons will be around for a while -- you'll see the signs. Sending peace and love your way...xoxo
Nicole said…
I am very sorry to hear about your friend. He sounds like he was a wonderful man, may he rest in peace.
wendy said…
major sounds like such a fantastic neighbor.
hope the show is lovely.
melissa s. said…
i remember major, the neighborhood watcher. i'm so sorry he's gone. hugs to you, and to chini too.
Tiffany said…
Oh that's awful! I think most neighborhoods have a neighbor like that; in mine it was Jack who had that truck with the very distinct sound when it started...after he passed, I kept swearing I was hearing his truck. It made me so sad.

My heart goes out to you and your neighbors...and Chini, too - how do you explain to an animal when their buddy is gone? :^(
risa said…
i'm sorry about major! he sounds like a wonderful man. how great to have had someone like him in your life. him calling chini, mini, reminds me of my grandfather who called beasty (my brother's dog), breezy.
hugs to you and chini.
amisha said…
i am so sorry to hear about your neighbor. he sounds like a wonderful and generous man.
Julie said…
The top photo makes me smile.

I'm so sorry to hear that, Lisa. It's strange when someone part of your life and your environment is no longer there. I've been experiencing a lot of that lately as well.

Sending hugs your way.
mati rose said…
oh, that is sad about major :(
julie said…
Your tribute to your neighbour is written so beautifully. A sad story.

So wish i could see your new exhib!! Lovely to feel your passion in your thoughts. xxx
Tracy said…
so rare and so special to have those community bonds in today's world. he sounded like and amazing man / friend / neighbor. thinking of you... xo
hrsj said…
I'm sorry to hear about the loss of Major, a man who sounds like he had everyone's best interests at heart. People like that are rare gems. I'm sure Chini will miss him too.

I hope your show opening tonight is fun and I know it will be well received! Happy weekend Lisa, if I don't 'see' you beforehand.
louise said…
I'm so sorry to hear about you loss. The Major sounds like a wonderful neighbour and friend. Poor little Chini give her a big hug from me. xo lj
Alison said…
Beautiful cut outs, and I hope the show goes well!

We tend, as a society, to have too many people pass through our lives, often unoticed, that when a pillar goes, the loss seems immense and the hole left so complete, just for the amazing presence they have, the guiding light they provide for all. I am sire it will seem empty in the street, without that pair of eyes.
Anke said…
Very sad to hear about the major. Neighbours like these make you feel at home, especially if you live in the city.
Love the tank flower!
comfies said…
what a beautiful tribute, lisa. sorry for your (and your neighborhood's) loss....
shari said…
oh no. so sorry to hear about major. he sounds like he was a wonderful guy.
Esti said…
I'm sorry to hear that.

I hope the show manages to cheer up your mood a little.

jen said…
so sorry about your neighbor, lisa. you were lucky to know him.
send you big hugs! tilda
babelfish said…
Such a beautiful tribute to a wonderful neighbour, sorry to hear the news...
abby said…
Sounds like the perfect neighbor.
I'm sorry to hear about your loss.
But what a great little story...and now popeyes chicken sounds so comforting....hugs to you, dear Lisa....
bugheart said…
it seems
the best
of memories
and people
in stories
of major.
rest in peace
Camilla said…
I tried to comment on this a few times but my computer wasn't playing fair. This got me thinking about my cellular memories and about how cats are the best and how sad it is that Major will be missed.
that's a sad story...I'm sorry to hear that...
anyhow, just want to say that I'm
loving the visual delights...
I just posted 'colour' theme this week. Hope you drop by & tell me what you think ok...thanks!


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