my heart leaps up

zipper heaven

when i behold a rainbow of zippers [do you know the poem by wordsworth ? i think i had to memorize it when i was in the 10th grade?]

yesterday i had the pleasure of hanging out with kim of true up fame. we did a little fabric store tour of SF. it was pretty darn fun. it felt like i had known kim for eons. and of course i have online [she was one of my first blog reads], but that translated into face to face too... i have a stack of cool fabrics to show you.... [just have to photo them]. above is the zipper selection at britex . this, of course, made me drool. color coordinated zippers of all sizes? it's like art to me.... i'm serious. i started thinking about how i might make zipper art....

speaking of art you should all help karen gelardi with her new project assembly . i did.

and if you haven't already please go see shari's photos at emprise review

since it's back to school time, my pal timothy buckwalter asked me what i thought about teaching and being an artist... he actually asked me questions, but ended up posting my responses like a narrative. you can read part one and part two

and gwen made some underbug [underdog ink + bugheart] stuff that she's selling in a little shop

enough links for one day, no? i have to get back to work on my syllabus... almost there almost there almost there


comfies said…
beautiful!!! i can just picture the britex employees building that rainbow...what fun.
andrea (scout.) said…
this shot makes my heart leap too. i have been missing britex lately, if only for the color and texture and zippers as art (and good grief, the lace). and yes. totally memorized the wordsworth poem sophmore year of college.

i love reading your interviews. :)
risa said…
it does look like art.
and i can imagine zippers being a wonderful addition to art.
it would add a nice tactile touch.
off to read yout interviews...
melissa s. said…
love the interview, esp your thoughts on thinking outside the bubble. and that zipper rainbow is beautiful!
e.soule said…
The zippers : ) I love anything organized by color.
Your interview was very honest and inspiring. It keeps that nagging question of whether I should complete an MFA bouncing around in my head.
shari said…
love this photo. can't wait to read your thoughts in interview form. also, you are so kind to link to my photographs. thank you friend. xox
bugheart said…
that whole
my eyes
but everything
ordered by color
is just
so pleasing.
the fact
that my new
is the

i loved
your interview...
more on that

amisha said…
my heart jumped when i saw this in your flickr stream... it is beautiful!!
good luck finishing up your syllabi... have a great weekend!
Esti said…
The zipper picture is amazing.
Thanks for the links, you've made my morning a little more interesting...
louise said…
That really is a gorgeous display of zippers.I'm off to check all your links. Good luck with finishing your syllabus. xo lj
stephanie levy said…
I liked your zipper rainbow - and I liked your interview on Timothy's blog - gave some nice insight into your teaching experiences :)
gracia said…
Such zipper brilliance... I love it. What a feast for the eyes. I am off to peruse that tasty selection of links you have left for us as you toil.

hugs, g
ambika said…
Such a wonderful picture! I don't think I've ever seen zippers so beautifully arranged.
blair said…
I feel that if I worked in that store, I would innately *know* if a color was out of place, ya know? I would just feel it in my bones.

I'm headed off to read the interview. I'm so jealous that you and Kim got to hang out together, fun!
hrsj said…
have i ever told you how great i think you are, lisa? i just read your two part interview and am constantly impressed by you.
you challenge me, in a good way. thank you.
i know you are a good teacher and when you think of all the best aspects you gained from your professors, i'm sure you are giving those and more to the students you teach.
i hope you're having a nice weekend. :)
wendy said…
those zippers are lovely & your interview...blows me away. i love how you approach your art, love how you talk about teaching. you most simply are quite wonderful!
Anke said…
So pretty. Too bad they package them in tiny cardboard boxes over here. Looking forward to some zipper art, Lisa!
Julie said…
That would be a spectacular installation! Zippers. I like it.

Wonderful interview too, Lisa. I know of professors that don't speak even half as passionately or genuinely about teaching as you do!
babelfish said…
It's always wonderful to see art in unexpected places, what a beautiful photo! Enjoyed reading your interview, so inspiring as always...I do believe that a teacher can take away a lot from a class (a kind of give and take process)-at least, I hope that's the case most of the time :)

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