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tara donovan

my tara donovan book arrived the other day. it's my birthday present to myself. i can't gush enough about tara's work. she is so smart - her use of materials blows me away. [pencils, plastic cups]. obviously the repetition gets to me. so subtle. so daring. so raw - both formally and conceptually stunning. sigh. how jealous was i that she actually had a little email exchange with aurora ? [who by the way has an amazing show up at the the rice gallery right now]. the book itself is also just stunning. i could cry over the cover. the shade of aqua - how her name is placed and slightly a different shade. maybe if i slip the book under my pillow some of tara's mojo will seep into my brain.

opening tonight is a pretty spectacular show - off-register - at little bird gallery. a whole host of prints by a whole host of really good artists. i wish i was able to check it out in person.

those little birds are also ambitiously launching an art subscription program little bird limited for $200 measly dollars you can get 12 pieces of art. how cool is that?? go and subscribe. a little surprise will visit you every month.

i can't believe it's my birthday on monday. where has the year gone??? a friend asked if i was going to do anything and i immediately said no. i don't like planning things for my birthday. other people's birthdays - yes. mine - no. honestly my plan is to take my studio design to the city for design review and go to the studio. i have to get cracking on some stuff - and it's been awhile since i had a truly productive studio day. i'm getting cranky about it. it's funny because in some ways this is a "milestone" birthday. for several reasons. i can't help but think about how different things will be next year. there are some life altering things in the wings.

my friend says she is planning a tea for me. that will be lovely. i do want to have at least one piece of cake [if andrea was around i'd beg her to make me a red velvet cupcake !]

hope your weekend is going well!


Elizabeth said…
Happy birthday! You don't know me, but I just happened to come across your blog.
Guess what? My birthday is today too, 29 Sep. And my family calls me by my petname "Lisa" too.
No kidding!! :D

So, happy birthday Lisa! I wonder if we are the same age. LOL.
gracia said…
Happy days to you, Lisa... hooray!

Here's to a sterling year ahead, to creating new works, to colour... and may there be plenty of laughs along the way.

hugs, g xo
UNIFORM Studio said…
Happy happy birthday tomorrow!
If I could bake, I'd make you a pie:) Way better than cake (IMO).
Here's to milestones and life altering changes.
oh, and tara rocks.
risa said…
feliz cumple! happy birthday!
it sounds like you have an exciting year ahead of you!!!
i wish i could have tea with you.
that sounds lovely.
alyssa said…
Happy Birthday!

Have fun tomorrow:)
Esti said…
Happy Happy Birthday!
Here's to another year of love, laughs, joy and art!
e.soule said…
Happy Birthday! Hope you get to eat lots of cake.
anne said…
hello and a happy birthday, lisa!! hope the day was lovely, with cake and tea and unplanned ;) i can relate: i'm not much of a birthday planner either. all the best for all things *life altering * coming your way!!
Eireann said…
happy birthday lisa!! xx
Julie said…
I had to wait until it was actually Monday.

Happy Birthday, Lisa!!! I hope you get that red velvet cupcake. I've never had red velvet. I've heard it's delicious.
Happy Birthday today Lisa! Yay! I'm singing to you, la de da,,,

and ooh, a milestone birthday, that's even more special! i hope whatever you've been doing today it's been a fabulous day for you!

i so totally love tara donovan's work. it just blows me away.
amisha said…
happy happy birthday lisa! i hope it was a wonderful day with lots of tea and cake and studio fun.
and yes, here's to milestones and life changes and good growth!
melissa s. said…
happy birthday lisa! hope you're enjoying your day!!
karin said…
Happy belated birthday. A birthday present to yourself is a very very good idea!
The b/w photos in this book look great.
Happy Birthday to you! :) Your work is amazing too, don't you forget it!!!! :)
julie said…
happy birthday dear lisa! I hope it was wonderful and the following year will be full of magic - 'life altering things'..intriguing!
bugheart said…
hope that
you had
a lovely bday...
can't wait
for what
this next year
i expect
you and
will have
in the wings!
wendy said…
wow a birthday.
happy belated birthday!
i love birthday gifts for yourself. I just started that - i mean 'cause you know what you want & all.
& a red velvet from andrea would be lovely.
hope you had a wonderful day!!
betsy said…
Hey lady! Happy belated Birthday! May the coming year be full of new adventures, good health, rich friendships, and loads of inspiration...xoxo
Kathleen said…
happy belated birthday dearest lisa! i hope this year is everything you hope for it to be. much love:)
Doh..I am a tool. I thought I left a wee message and obviously didn't {so sorry!}.....anyhoo....

**HAPPY happy Birthday** sweetie, hope your day was wonderful and your week too {extending is a must ;)}

big xoxo to you!! x
christine said…
This birthday message is late but still filled with love!

Hope the coming year brings you quiet magic, brilliant color and full-bellied laughter.

xo Christine
happy birthday !
Thank you for your kind words...yes,got to to recover soon.
Hope to hear from you again dear...
You have a lovely weekend!

shari said…
hope your day was special friend. xox
susan said…
oh goodness, so so late here on the uptake, but happiest of years to you lisa! i am so happy to have met you this year and can't wait to see what the future holds with your beautiful work! also - i am coveting your book - she is one of my favorite artist!
babelfish said…
Happy belated birthday lisa, hope it was a good and fulfilling one.

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