daily living {breakfast & doilies}

my attempt at a simply breakfast shot

thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes! i'm happy. my studio passed muster with the design review. so i'm one step closer. permit + finding contractor next up. and i have to find where the county office is as i have to turn in a notice of limitation [um yes. no one will be living in the studio no worries].

been thinking lately that i have not taken very many photos. just haven't felt it. kind of sad actually. i miss it. should try and get back into it again. i think part of it is that i don't feel like i have enough time to peruse flickr - so i don't want to upload many shots either. and then i don't take them.

i did take the above shot of my breakfast the other day. it was my attempt to channel jen's simply breakfast . although it's no where near as good as her pictures. i'm a newbie to eating breakfast daily. maybe i should try to mimic what she ate one year ago to the day. day by day. that would be kind of funny. a simply breakfast shadow groupie.

doily play

after a couple rounds of pinning in the studio i'm kind of happy with the above potential installation. been talking to someone about a commission. 4 feet of space to fill.... i'll leave this up for a few days and see how i feel about it. then i'll have to switch out the pushpins for real pins. so the doilies can move away from the wall. somehow i feel bad for them pinned flat to the wall. so limited....

anyway - hope you are all having a good wednesday evening.


Aww I think I missed your bday in the midst of my sick pants deluge. So, a belated happy bday!

I'd send you a gift if I could find my wrapping paper in all of my moving boxes! :)
You're right about Jen's photos being something spectacular.
I do really like this photo of yours and am somewhat envious at your yummy meal!!
The doilies, I'm really intrigued by the variety amongst them. I had a thought, that struck me, do you crochet all those too? Surely not. But do you?
4 ft. of those doilies, wow. :)
happy teaching tomorrow!
[well, i guess i wasn't so quiet over here.]
melissa s. said…
i love your doily cluster. they look so cheery. an optimistic little doily cluster, ahh.
congrats on the studio approval!
anne said…
hi lisa, i love the soft shades of your doilies. your *channeling* of simply breakfast (yes, jen is so good at that) looks beautiful and delicious. i'm glad you decided on daily breakfasts, esp. if they look as pretty as this one ;)
Pollykc said…
Hi, I just stopped by and love your blog! :) I've just add you to my favorites. I'll keep passing by!
louise said…
Happy, happy birthday, dear Lisa. Sorry I'm a few days late. How wonderfully exciting about your studio. I really like the look of your new work. xoxo lj
Esti said…
I like those doilies. I think they'll improved when you move them a little away from the wall and cast some shadows... I'll love to see something like that, the different compositions you'd be coming up with... the different shapes, sizes... colors.
julie said…
these warm coloured doilies have a very 'homey' feeling - seems fitting for the coming winter.

i wonder if your choice of medium changes with your mood. i think mine does..
Julie said…
Oh you're too modest! Your breakfast shot is delightful in a way only you could make it to be.

Be sure to share what the doilies look like up off the wall! I'd love to see it.
jen said…
i love your photo, lisa! that breakfast looks really good. is it cream of wheat? your doilies are amazing. love the colors. happy happy belated birthday!!
Anonymous said…
From one non-breakfast eater to another, THAT is a huge feast! ENJOY it!!
Congrats on the progress with the studio. I look forward to hearing about its progress in the months ahead.
I like the new and different shapes and colors of your doilies. It's great that someone else who loves them commissioned you. That way you can do a piece you will love.....
bugheart said…
how exciting-
a doilie commission!
so glad
the review
went well.
shari said…
beautiful breakfast shot and i love the doilies. hope your birthday was nice. (i am so behind in blog reading...i feel so bad). xoxo

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