normalcy and gestures


i've been thinking a lot about what "normal" is. what makes something normal. what makes a normal day. i've been trying to not qualify the idea - not a good or a bad day [or minute or hour] just normal. what makes me feel like things are going smoothly? how do you integrate unplanned for emotions or problems or stresses and allow yourself to simply move forward. and then how do you notice and get excited [again] about things that "normally" bring a smile to your face?

i can not express the complete and utter gratitude i feel to all of you. those that left comments, those that sent me emails, those that expressed concern, told me stories of their own grandmothers... your heartfelt words and understanding meant so much to me. thank you. thank you. thank you. your gestures were lovely.

i feel like it is time to try and come back to this space. to do whatever it is that i DO here.

so in the spirit of that....

sketch :: signe

i had a model come to my drawing 1 class to try and bring in the idea of gesture. she was an incredible model. really thoughtful and athletic poses - and an easy body to "see"... curvy. as i walked around the class i kept looking up and thinking oh - i'd like to draw that.

well eventually after an hour of short poses the class was ready for a long pose. they all needed a little time with out me hovering over them. so i sat in the back of class and sketched for 5 minutes on a paper towel.

figurative work is not really my cup of tea, but i have to admit it was really fun and liberating to draw her. even though i couldn't see all of her b/c a student's head was in the way. even though i had to stop because a student raised their hand for help.

drawing from life ain't so bad.

and in art news... i have work in 3 shows right now


up through Oct. 30 at Lawton Gallery in Green Bay Wisconsin.

Curated by Faythe Levine [handmade nation! ]

install shots

lawton gallery website

artists in the show: i'm sorry i don't have links for everyone !!
Kate Bingaman-Burt, Amy Carlton, Cinnamon Cooper, Sabrina Gschwandtner, Jennifer Marsh, Cat Mazza, Handmade Nation, Lisa Solomon, Stephanie Syjuco, and Melissa Vogley Woods.

ususual twist

in Spencertown, NY - at the Spencertown Academy Arts Center through November 16th

artists in the show:
Blanka Amezkua,Hildur Bjarnadottir,Mimi Graminski,Kate
, John Krynick,Cat Mazza,Valerie Molnar,Adrienne Sloane, and yours truly. Exhibition curated by Joyce Goldstein and Gwenn Mayers.


at anton gallery in Monterey CA.... through November 4th

noise website

artists in the show: again, sorry no links
Jesus Agular,Anthony Discenza, Clinton Fein, Richard James, Packard Jennings, Tony Sheeder, Lisa Solomon, Heather Wilcoxon

curated by Patrick Frank

ok then. have a great weekend. see you next week


wendy said…
i love that idea - normal without any trappings. i don't think my days have been normal in quite some time, so maybe that is my new normal?
love the curve of the model's head - lovely.
glad you are coming back into this space.
Julie said…
I'm not much for figurative drawing either. But when we did it, I liked drawing on grey with white and drawing in the space around her instead of her body itself. It was the only way I could make any sense of it.

I suppose you can take what you said about drawing from life in a different way, too. But yes, it ain't so bad :)

I'm happy to 'see' you back, Lisa! I really do hope you're well.
sarah said…
hello lisa, you have been in my thoughts, so lovely to read your words today xxx
julie said…
so glad youre back.
in a way i like the routine/normal of everyday...until it makes me crazy. but then id rather do without the unexpected traumas that are thrown at us.
i love figurative drawing. when i was a student i would spend hours at the V&A museum drawing the sculptures. i miss going into that other world.
enjoy your new exhibitions
hugs, xxx
dandelion said…
oh lisa, lisa, so good to have you back - I hope you have found a peaceful time while you've been gone... I think 'normal' is one of those concepts that is so so hard to really understand...x
good grief woman! all the shows! ok, if you want to talk about busy well, then... :) that's awesome, realy really awesome.

maybe drawing gets you back to 'normal'? it does for me. normal to me is a also day when i don't get too rattled and can roll with it all. and yes i think it's a wonderful feeling to be elated by the daily 'normal' activities and to feel that comfort.

i really missed you too.
i hope you're having a super normal weekend. :)
shari said…
hi lisa.

your thoughts on the word normal make me think fondly of our doc. project. it is nice to have you back in this space sharing your wonderful world of art with us. love.
risa said…
hi lisa! i've missed you. thank you for your emails too.
Esti said…
it's so good to read you again... see, drawing doesn't bring me back to "normal" but it sure is exciting sometimes...
on the other hand, thinking about the concept of normal is dangerous, it can get you places you don't want to. Or at least I don't... :)
gracia said…
I've not taken a life drawing class for a ridiculously long time and seeing your paper towel work I am inspired to put an end to said drought. My life drawing folio from art school days was never a strong point... I shudder to think of the work I produced.

big hugs, g xo
amisha said…
hi there lisa. it is so nice to see you back here. i have missed you. it was such a treat to get your thoughtful comments the other day too.
and normal... e + i were chewing on that question this weekend too. wondering when things stop feeling like some strange other half-life and start just being the new normal, maybe. i think so much of it is just time, and repetition. get up each day and start again, and one day you look back and realize that normal has shifted.
thinking of you... email your way soon. xox
Katrina said…
congrats to you on all this upcoming work. i love the idea of normalcy with qualifying it. we are so quick to give value, aren't we? and i love seeing your figure drawing dashed off on the paper towel too. (welcome back.)
louise said…
So lovely to have you back, Lisa. Your return makes my blogging time feel normal and smooth and fun... does that help you? I haven't drawn from a life model in ages. It was always like pulling teeth for me in art school. I think I'd enjoy it more now. Your drawing is lovely, and even more so for being on paper towel xoxo lj
bugheart said…
i recently
listen to
a show...
i think
this american life,
where they talked
who had something
tragic happen
in their life...
the interviewer said
they always
by saying,
"it was a normal day,
like any other day..."
i wondered
how they knew that.
what i a normal day?
i have
often wondered.
anne said…
the drawing is wonderful and i love that it's on a towel.

i wonder if there is such a thing as "normal", i couldn't say what it is. i tend to think all is a constant change, sometimes quicker sometimes slower like a flow.

and oh so many art shows! so so good!! i hope this keeps being "the norm" for you ;) a lot of shows all the time...
babelfish said…
So happy to see you active and exhibiting at so many places, I love this figurative drawing, it captures her shape and thoughtful mood.
sophia said…
i love your figurative drawing...and i love that you it's drawn on a paper towel. inspiration usually isn't planned.

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