have you seen peer yet?

this has sort of been making the rounds already, but if you haven't seen it....

i'm happy to be part of a self-portrait coloring book put together by wolfie and the sneak's rene

Top row: Abbey Hendrickson, Heather Smith Jones, Julianna Swaney/Oh My Cavalier!, Sandra Juto
2nd Row: Bonnie Rue/Model Citizen, Hernan Paganini/Puloverchito, Kate Bingaman Burt, Shannon Rankin/Selflesh
3rd Row: Camilla Engman, Jen Ray, Katey Nicosia/One Good Bumblebeer, Stephanie DosReis
4th Row: Danna Ray/Groundwork, Jessica Gonacha, Kelly Lynn Jones, Substudio
5th Row: Frances Hawthorne, Julia Rothman, Lisa Solomon, Will Bryant

see sneak peeks of the pages here

visit the peer website for more info and links to all the artists

purchase the coloring book for $48

post images of your colored in pages here

these are some of my favorite artists... it's kind of a thrill to be in a book with all of them. i can't wait to see my copy.

abby's bird

speaking of peers.... i was lucky enough to meet abby glassenberg and her husband charlie at my show at artstream studios . and she agreed to trade with me.

i heart my tall bird.
you can see her website here and you can get one for yourself here

3 cups

this is what i sent her.... i was making a series of small cup/doily works to warm up in the studio again. and i wanted to incorporate "real" doilies too. i'm trying out different colorways to see how the imagery changes.

and speaking of peers.... i'll be posting on ship of fools on friday. part 1 on our new book the elegance of the hedgehog

happy mid week


bugheart said…
hello hello!
so that piece
is part
of a series...
about the tilt
is so pleasing.
talk to
you soon.
wendy said…
wow so cool.
the coloring book.
abby's bird - her pieces are a-mazing.
& your new dollies & cups!
love love.
shari said…
the whole idea of a coloring book is fab. the doilies and teacups are beautiful lisa. love your new bird too. xox ps: are you liking the book for ship?
sulu-design said…
A trade made in heaven! How lucky you both are.
Esti said…
it amazes the amount of creativity and good ideas flooding blogland...

I like your new series a lot. The colours match the season, don't they?
Anonymous said…
CONGRATULATIONS on being included in such a wonderful coloring book! How fun for the person doing the coloring....
julie said…
quite jealous of your trade ;).
both abby's bird and your doily piece seem to fit together very well. xx
stephanie levy said…
Catching up with you tonight! You are in great company in the PEER coloring book - what a fun idea. I love, love your doily piece, very beautiful, and your figure drawing is also so sensitive and skilled.
Big congrats on your many, many art shows! Happy belated birthday and anniversary - and I'm sorry to read about your grandmother. Mine is turning 90 this year, and unfortunately I don't see her often anymore since we live abroad.
Thanks for sharing your news and good luck with your studio. Sounds exciting. Lots going on :)
i'm loving your work lately, lisa--- it's so beautiful.
Julie said…
I can't wait to see how people complete the drawings!

Definitely checking out Ship of fools tomorrow :)
anne said…
i love your new doilies and cups! everything about it. it's perfect. just wonderful & great colors. it's so beautiful. i'm saying it again: it's so beautiful!
Maria Rose said…
The tall bird is beautiful!
babelfish said…
The colouring book sounds like fun, how cool that people will be painting your portraits :) Love your new doily work.
blair said…
I just love that doily piece, its gorgeous. And yes, I think it will be cool that people everywhere will be coloring your face too ; )
lms said…
hello have been in my thoughts...i can't tell if that bird looks more storkish or flamingoish. you tell me.
copperseal said…
oh my lordy!!!! oh how i wish i had something lovely enough to trade for such an amazing doily creation! maybe one day :/
...will definitely checkout the site!
Visual delights indeed!!
Anke said…
hi there... :) Love the doilies but that bird is absolutely beautiful too. Great swap!
amisha said…
so much good stuff here. the coloring book idea is so cool... and what a fantastic group of artists for it! and love both abby's bird and your teacup piece (that colorway just gets me-- so good)

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