crossing the line

crossing the line - show opens tomorrow night

that's the title of the show i'm in that opens tomorrow night
Thursday - November 6th from 4-6pm
at Santa Rosa Junior College's Art Gallery .

i'll be there [a little late]. i have no idea if anyone who reads this blog lives in or around santa rosa, but if you do and have nothing to do - come say hi....

but.... crossing the line seems to be what happened last night too. today just felt different. is it just me? i've never heard people honking and yelling and excited about an election in my neighborhood before....

anyway - the show is all about drawing. curated by will smith [who teaches there] the participating artist list is pretty great:
a couple are friends ::
jen garrido and jonn herschend
and a whole bunch of other cool folks ::
jen sturgill
kurt kemp
kathryn kenworth
evri kwong
todd barricklow
john casey
jean robison

i have a new art crush on kathryn kenworth...

kathryn kenworth uproot drawing

i'm excited to meet her....

to be filed under how sweet is this?

new slippers

i washed my slippers and they fell apart. the soles broke and i couldn't wear them anymore. i came out of the laundry room frowning and i told my husband. he went out to buy groceries and also came home with the above slippers for ME. how cute are they? i don't think i would have bought them for myself. i would have gone for basic black or gray... but i love them. pink and green? soft and fuzzy? those little bows? what's not to love?

have a good thurs!


molly said…
excellent name to a show!
and yes, we've all crossed a line...thank goodness!
congrats on the show, too.
Dots said…
they are adorable!!
melissa s. said…
love the doilies and the slippers and of course, the bows. happy art show!
julie said…
love your new crush! also forgot to mention how much i enjoyed the link to the paper boat drawings!

enjoy your show which im sure will be great! xx
Esti said…
what pieces are you bringing to the exhibit?
thanks for the links, and especially for the tip on jim dine's work
Anonymous said…
I hope you realize how blessed you are to have a hubbie like him! He either had great role models or he has taught himself how to be very nurturing.....ENJOY!
and we had fireworks going off in our neighborhood after he was named president elect! it was exciting to say the least.

you're so good with all your shows. i wish i lived nearby to see it and meet you!

and those slippers, what a sweet thing for him to do. husbands surprise us sometimes, or maybe i should just speak for myself! perhaps yours is always that way :)
babelfish said…
The name of the show is so appropriate for the current climate and the historic win, would love to have been there in person. Hey, your hubby is so sweet to have gotten you the cutest slippers, great to keep the cold feet warm in winter.
risa said…
love the slippers!
green and pink are a great combo.
your husband is sweet!
gracia said…
All the best for the opening, and for the exhibition, Lisa. As you well know, I'll be there in spirit form only.
take care, g xo
P.S. It's been a while since my last visit - love the new aesthetic happening over here. Beautiful!
bugheart said…
artisit crushes.
love the
D is
no doubt!
amisha said…
i'm so happy to be on the other side of the line this week... we crossed one for sure.
D gets all kinds of points for those slippers :) it's the season for soft warm things on the feet!
happy weekend... xox
susan said…
oh lisa, your new show would be wonderful to see. i adore that image you have here!
ah slippers. the best comfort at the end of a day -- along with the beautiful man who bought them for you. too cute!
yea for advancements in america!
wendy said…
those slippers - awesome.
i L O V E that black & white piece.
hope the show went well.

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