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press on tattered cultures mended tales

mom! you're famous.... well... that's you in the middle there. artweek reviewed the tattered cultures mended tales show that i was in [in hawaii] and they used the image of your portrait :)

you can read the whole article here

color tests
[this shot is better larger]

a girl could get used to 3 days in a row at the studio. i was thinking about what colors i wanted to use for my two new drawings. i tend to stick to a two or three color colorway [with various values in the colors]. but for the big drawing i really wanted to branch out into a little family of colors. [bottom row]. if i get stuck in thinking about new color combos i go and visit kuler .

karen gelardi book

my karen gelardi book arrived the other day. it's so satisfying. i love that i was a very small part of her installation assembly

and in other paper news:
ron nagle book

a while ago i did a little photo shoot with ron nagle

his gallery in belgium was putting together a catalogue and they wanted an artist in studio shot. i ended up taking all these other shots of "stuff" b/c his space was so cool - and they used practically all of them. i love how the designer set up this grid. since i'm not a PRO photographer i get a big grin when i see photos of things i've taken in print.

have a good evening and a great thursday!


susan said…
wonderful press and so special with your mother's portrait!
love the book, i have to get one too.
happy thursday to you lisa!
babelfish said…
Congrats on all your features (love your colour charts).
julie said…
i love your colourway drawings - small works of art in themselves and thanks for the great link to kuler.

congrats on both of the publications. i like grids too!
gracia said…
Sending huge publication cheer to you (I am off to read the article in entirety in a wee moment), and I am so delighted to learn that you had and enjoyed three whole studio days... bliss and productivity combined perfectly.
hugs, g xo
shari said…
your little color pairings are beyond cool. once again, i miss our doc project. congrats, as always, on the features friend. xox
Molly said…
Oh, so much beauty to look at here! Congrats on the feature, and I love that black and white paper... xo
Esti said…
seeing your colorways has been a highlight today; made me smile. I was thinking on colour papercuts this morning and seemed hard to find a good one under the grey light the cloudy sky was giving me... :)
amisha said…
congratulations on all these wonderful things lisa! the photograph grid is fantastic. and hi lisa's mom :)
your color study has been in my head since i saw it on flickr. thinking a lot about colors lately, and combinations, and feeling like i am very shy/nervous about doing new combinations- silly huh? i think i need a jolt of play... an afternoon with crayons and pencils and no holds barred.
wendy said…
oh the patterns and colors are fantastic. plus that little watermelon eraser is awesome.
maditi said…
congratulations on all the great media coverage :)

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