s t i l l - day 4 + guest posting

s t i l l {body} :: day 4

s t i l l .
yesterday i got a pedicure. this is because we leave tomorrow to attend a wedding over the weekend. a friend gave me a gift certificate to a spa. i love being pampered like that. luxury.

so i wanted to shoot my feet. but i also wanted blurr. especially because it was early. and blurr somehow is equaling s t i l l for me [i was thinking of uta barth , but of course i can't compare].

i'm also s t i l l over here

so no post for me here tomorrow.... but there will be one on poppytalk. [hello to any new readers from there].

today was a long day. we discussed the "meaning" of art - or rather how all art has meaning - or rather how i won't let students simply say: "my work has no meaning" or "i want the viewer to come up with their own meaning" [this is a big pet peeve of mine]. also had a critique in my drawing class. i love seeing how the students have progressed. it never ceases to amaze me how in the span of weeks they can go from being afraid to make a mark on a page to taking big risks and solving big problems and understanding how to use color, line, shape and value to their best advantage. many of them still don't trust that their work is good unless it's "realistic", but i think we convinced one person today that his view of the world via drawing was compelling because of [not despite] its lack of "accuracy".

ok. i guess i had more to say than i thought. have a lovely weekend. see you next week!


thank youuuu for emailing me back :):) you brought a smile to my face OF COURSE!!! I'm jealous of your pedicure! I need one FIERCELY!

also, I love that you challenge your students to think about the meaning of art, its such a grumpy subject at the college level and has completely frustrated me for a really really really long time, I'm wishing I was a fly on your wall!!!
yes that is a pet peeve too for me especially when one of the gallery owners i work with says that to me. oh well. i think tackling the all art doesn't have to be realistic to be good with viewers is a challenge too.

happy weekend lisa!
melissa s. said…
love the blur. also love your focus this week. have a great weekend!
shari said…
the blur...so good. oh, to be a fly on the wall of your classroom. hugs.
risa said…
ah! a pedicure. i could really use one myself.
i'm glad you found time for a bit of luxury. you definitely deserve it.
babelfish said…
Hooray for pedicures and being pampered, enjoy the wedding! To have confidence in ones work can be a challenge, sometimes I am not happy because a piece doesn't look like someone else's...to find meaning in our own art is food for thought.
wendy said…
I like to hear what other people take away from my pieces, but I know the story behind to work.
love the photo.
& the new banner is fantastic.
amisha said…
hello there ms. fancy feet :)
i think i am gonna have to DIY the pedi today... sigh. soon there will be indulgent spa days... i hope!!
and i am very much wishing i could be one of your students... that is me in a nutshell... totally terrified to make the first line on paper. just the thought of it gives me butterflies.
Esti said…
I'd love to be one of those students, to have you as guiding force, to have you talking to me about my own art path...

and i like the picture too :)
Anke said…
Blur rules! :) (I still haven't taken a decent non blurry selfportrait so I guess maybe it's supposed to be.)
All your pictures have this special warmth...so wonderful to get lost in them.

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