s t i l l + guest posting

good morning. i hope everyone had a good weekend.

the über talented martha put out a call for s t i l l photos this week. the twist for this go around is that she wants you to incorporate a body part. instructions and examples are at the end of this post .

i'm not very good at including people [let alone myself] in my photos... so i thought i would give it a whirl. here's my shot from early this morning.

s t i l l {body}

holiday card :: underdog ink

i uploaded my holiday cards to underdog this weekend. above was my personal card from last year. designs from years past are also available. [i can't stop making the skaters . there are also some T's SUPER reduced if you are up for taking a gander.

finally... i'm guest posting at one of my all time favorite blogs this week poppytalk . i tried to highlight some stores/galleries that i really love. all my posts together can be found here

because of the guest posting i might be a little quiet over here. thinking maybe i'll try and post a picture every day? a little challenge to myself.

have a great week!


shanna murray said…
this is a gorgeous s t i l l, lisa.
i'm looking forward to your week of guesting over at poppytalk, what fun!!
mari said…
Love that photo. Is that a little tricyle to the right? What a very interesting detail.
life in yonder said…
Beautiful light in that photo Lisa!

Thank you so much for the nice welcome you gave me on my blog and the "congratulations" for our little princess Astrid :-) Hugs from Norway!
amisha said…
i know i've gushed at flickr about your still shot, but i'm going to gush again here :) i love it so so much.
and yay for the guest posting!
have a lovely week friend... xox
risa said…
i love the tricycle! and the photo in general. soooo great. it makes me wanna curl up in that bed...
shari said…
love this s t i l l. hi sweet lisa.
Esti said…
but this is beautiful!
gracia said…
Beautiful and still... my morning yesterday was quite the opposite. I was in a terrible flurry.
julie said…
your photo is lovely and full of mood!! must pop over to poppy later and check out your posts.

just treated myself for my birthday ;) xx
maditi said…
your "still" photos all have a very beautiful still mood.

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