a domestic life {01} + fond farewells

a domestic life :: 01:: mcnulty

i did not mean to be gone for so long. but grading really took over. i still have some letters of recommendation to write and a few loose ends to tie, but i am very close to being on "break". this is very exciting. the big [7 foot] drawing i mentioned a while back needs to be ready to ship by january 6th so that is on my mind. and in the works. i'm making progress, but slowly.

so here is installment one of "a domestic life". one polaroid + one interpretation of that polaroid. any medium. no restrictions in the interpretation. the polaroid will be of something that is in my domestic life. [i'm sort of thinking this means something contained in my house or yard, but we'll see if i stretch that]. i'm not going to put a timeline on when i'll do a round - but i'm hoping it will be pretty regular.

new projects

i bought some yarn in the hopes of making some holiday gifts. but have quickly realized that very few, if any, of these will be done in time. i'm having a hard time getting my holiday cards out this year, let alone shopping or anything else. i think it's just going to be a bit holiday quiet around here. and that's going to be OK. we're going to be breaking ground on my studio [and re-doing our bathroom], amongst some other big things so it feels very full round here. not much space for present buying or wrapping or cookie baking....

before signing off i just want to bid a very very fond farewell to a few blogs that are signing off and have been daily sources of inspiration and friendship to me. you will be sorely missed.
\\\ port2port \\\ up through thursday
\\\ simply breakfast \\\ up through the end of the year
\\\ girl in green \\\ up for not sure how much longer


julie said…
it is sad that these blogs are ending...hopefully its a case of one door closes...

looking forward to more of your new project. i really like the idea of documenting our 'domestic life' in some way.

Esti said…
I look forward to more of that polaroid serie. Undressing a polaroid as you have done seems pretty interesting. Let's see how it works for other domestic stuff, I like the framing too :)

And such bad news about those blogs signing off...
shari said…
hi lisa.
love the beginnings of this project. looking forward to following along. it's pretty holiday quiet around here too. it seems so funny to be leaving a white christmas behind for a green one in sc. and yes, farewell to three very inspirational blogs. xo
Anonymous said…
As one of your regular readers I, too, look forward to your posts about "domestic life." Knowing you and how much you love your work I am sure you will find a way to keep your finger in it whilst you do things like build studios, remodel bathrooms, and bring a new life into the one you share with your hubbie. BEST WISHES for a wonderful if quiet holiday season!
melissa s. said…
i always love your series, looking forward to this one! happpy (mellow) holidays and good luck with studio-building!
Camilla said…
I've recently been making a series of drawings and prints based on polaroids i've taken over the last few years. I'm teaching myself new print techniques and using the polaroids as a way of tying it all together. I've just made a few zines based on them too- I love making something diy/old school/semi obsolete out of something else that is almost obsolete too. I like taking away the gloss and shine of the polaroids and turning them back into something handmade.
alyssa said…
Hi Lisa,

It must be so nice to have the semester almost over!
I love your domestic life series. I've been doing something similar, but haven't posted anything on it so far. I love how the photo is something intimate and familiar and then the drawing takes on a memory of what and when the picture was taken. So much in domestic life can be mundane or seem sort of rote, but a drawing and painting creates new tensions and stories.
I can't wait for your series!
I love your cat diptych!
louise said…
Sounds like your going to have a Christmas full of drawing time. xo lj Thanks for your kind words about Wilbur, dear friend.
nature morph said…
You clever lady with this domestic life series. I love it, and I might have to follow suit and do something similar. I briefly had the idea to find something outside every morning when I'm walking the dog, then draw it, sort of like a daily collection... the key I think is to be able to have it be a quickie thing, and I ended up spending hours on it... In any event, I will send you a big juicy email full of news soon. I miss being in touch!

i hear ya on the not getting cards out, i'm in that boat. i'm thinking they will be happy new year cards :)

also i'm so excited you will be breaking ground on your studio! i really want to hear more about that and see some blueprints or something! :)
g said…
Polaroid plus interpretation... love, love, love... and singing for more, more, more.

Those tiny feets!

g xo
andrea (scout.) said…
can't wait to see more domestic life installments...love it, love this, so very inspiring. and i am right there with you in the holiday delay. my mother always said that if you get things out by the end of january, you are doin' just fine. i'll be ascribing to that philosophy this year. :) good luck on the studio groundbreaking and reno projects! xoxo
babelfish said…
The first installment of your domestic life project is beautiful, the echo of the polaroid drawn in simple lines is breathtaking! Hope you have a relaxing holiday after so much hard work and so well deserved.

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