happy happy merry merry

happy happy merry merry

we managed a tree with some lights. no ornaments... but i love squinting at night and looking at the lights....

have managed a bit of last minute santa's workshop around here...

felt flowers

felt flower pins made [click on the image to see from what book - info on flickr]


point hats too. and i'm in the middle of a little baby hat with ears.... [again click on image to see what book inspired the pointy hat]

holiday snuggles

i just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU to everyone who visits here. for those who comment, visit, email, participate in any way.... i am very grateful for this community. you have all inspired me, made me laugh, made me think and i am in your debt.

enjoy these final moments of 2008. see you in 2009! we're getting back to our snuggling around here


Jacqui Dodds said…
Hi Lisa
Merry Christmas to you too I hope you have a happy time. We could have got together to sort the tree out (although I am in the Uk!) Until last night we had a tree with ornaments and no lights as our lovely lights stopped working two days ago. The only lights we could find in the shops yesterday (Christmas Eve) were supposed to be 3 metres long but actually about 1 metre in length so do not quite fit around the tree! We will have to buy some more really early next year.
It is a pleasure to visit and read your site - thank you for such inspirational postings.
Hope you have a well earned rest, see you in 2009!
deerseason87 said…
I love the felt flowers! Happy New Year, Lisa!
Kathleen said…
The snuggling looks fabulous. It looks as though you are having a very merry holiday dear, and I hope the new year brings you all good things.
Sweden'09?! :)
melissa s. said…
merry merry to you, too. thanks for making the internets all that much more happier!
gracia said…
Here's to a bright and joyous start to 2009! It's sure to be a super and adventurous year for one and all.

Over the coming days, feast well, love lots, and enjoy that snuggle cuddle.

g xo
Camilla Engman said…
I can see a free spot there between the dogs, I think they have kept it for me! Merry happy everything, Lisa and Lisa's little family.
UNIFORM Studio said…
so cozy:)
happy merry to you too -
Love all these pics and love reading your blog! :) Happy Holidays to you!
Esti said…
Happy times to you too Lisa!
Thanks to you for the inspiration, the visual treats and your words.
Enjoy the cozy time!
wendy said…
love all the little bits you have been making. hope the cuddles are nice. love that photo!
Maitreya said…
The felt flowers are so cute!
julie said…
thank you so much for being there - happy 2009 sweet lisa. such a cute family you have :) xxx
louise said…
Happy new year dear friend. Here's to a wonderful 2009! xo lj
Molly said…
Why, happy happy merry merry to you too! I love squinting at the lights myself... hope it's not destroying my eyes, though maybe that's more like the dim light and reading up too late. :) Have a great New Year's!
shanna murray said…
so glad you are all cozy together!
happy happy merry merry to you too! and i can't wait for your news...i'm guessing in my head

p.s. those flowers are so sweet!!
babelfish said…
Thank you so much for your sharing here and for being a friend, your inspiration and words have been a source of much encouragement. Hope you are enjoying your holiday, snuggling and keeping warm sounds lovely! Best wishes for 2009 :)
poppy said…
Happy New Year Lisa! Looking forward to so much from you and your creativity! Love the hat! Alot!
happy new year to sweet you lisa! and i feel so grateful to 'know' you as well. so very grateful. and i've been meaning to tell you thank you for the nice way you warmed my mailbox this winter. :)
happy weekend!
ps. i'm curious to hear more about your new studio!
Katrina said…
happy new year to you! and happy crafting and cuddling too. i'm so glad i found you and your work this past year. cheers to you! (and see you soon.)

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