sneak peek and hiatus

sneak peek of a new drawing + hiatus

happy new year. i hope 2009 has been everything that you all expected. above is a sneak peek of my 7' long that is going to a show called "the domestic life" at the sun valley center for the arts in ketchem, ID

the show includes work by these other amazing artists:
Julie Blackmon
MarĂ­a A. Lopez
Jim Richard
Martha Rosler [ Martha Rosler is someone who i've studied for so long. it's surreal to be in a show with her]
Megan Wilson
and is up from Jan 16- March 21, 2009

AND. .... i know i have been quite out of touch for sometime...and i just wanted to let you know..... there is a good reason for this.

i'm often conflicted about how much to share on this blog. it's private, it's public, who knows who is reading.... and as much as i write about my life and thoughts here, i'm still a fairly private person. i am just going to say that life has thrown me a couple of curve balls this week. and my heart and soul and energy need to be focused elsewhere right now.

if i owe you an email, or have been out of touch i apologize. this trend may continue for awhile - please bear withe me. i will post as i can and have the energy to do so, but i'm not sure how much i can participate elsewhere online. i hope you understand. i have been thinking a lot about all my friends "out here" and have missed knowing what is going on with your lives and look forward to catching up when i can.

if you are "friend/family" on my flickr account i have posted a picture that explains the situation in a bit more detail.

be well.


wendy said…
much love to you.
Can't wait to see pics of the show! Hope everything is going to be ok!
julie said…
you just take care of yourself and be well.

love the angle of the photo of your new piece.
Anonymous said…
While I will miss your comments on this page, I understand your need to attend to the "curveballs" that have come your way.

I support your need to invest your time and energy on these.

I hope these are not terribly serious.

I also hope you are seeking and getting support from family and friends who are close to you.

Kathleen said…
Love seeing a sneak peak from your new show. I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing some trying times. Whatever is happening I am sure you are handling it with grace. I think these curve balls, while difficult, always happen for a greater purpose. They are the universe's way of opening our eyes and setting us on a path we need to travel. I hope everything and everyone is well in your world. Much love to you dear Lisa.
Patricia said…
I love your sneak peek. Can't wait to see more.

I can totally relate with your comments about privacy issues on a blog. I struggle with that almost on everyone of my posts. It's hard to edit and give only a partial picture of my life but at the same time I can't imagine it all being 'out' there.

I hope that whatever it is that is worrying you it gets resolved quickly and with the best of results.
jenifer74 said…
rest up, take care, & be well lisa. xxx.
louise said…
Take all the time you need dear friend. Sending all my love. xo lj
comfies said…
sending good and warm thoughts your way, lisa...xox.
Esti said…
take care of yourself, lisa. I hope everything goes well in your life :)
Anke said…
Sweetest Lisa - I just saw the picture over on flickr and will leave a comment - 2009 will hold a lot of excitement for your. Take good care of yourself. And thank you for your sweet christmas card...I've been a card slacker as usual, so sorry! But something is on the way... Lots of love, Anke.
gracia said…
Ah, dear Lisa... wishing you good health, rest and calm.

big hugs, g xo

(P.S. That is such a beautiful photo of you.)
sophia said…

always enjoy seeing what you're working on.

hope you will work through whatever you have on your plate. look forward to seeing you when you are ready to come back to this space.

all my best,
Venetian Blue said…
I will miss your inspiration and posts but hope that everything is alright with you.
Katrina said…
take care of your dear self, dear lisa, and post when you feel inspired. we will wait patiently until your attention might turn back to this amazing corner of the blogosphere. sending nothing but love, love. xoxo, k.
life in yonder said…
Ohhh you are such a tease, just showing a tiny piece of something that looks wonderful. Looking forward to we get to see the rest (...if we do?)
stephanie levy said…
Hi Lisa,

Just wanted to touch base. Good luck with all of what is going on for you. I have had a long break as well.

I did want to let you know that I have compiled all of the "artists who blog" interviews (older and newer posts, your interview included of course) onto a new site:

I felt like the interviews needed their own space.

Take care and it's always nice to hear from you!


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