necklace 2

my friend rori from paper monkey press had a bracelet that she wouldn't wear. i told her i'd take it apart and make her a necklace from it that she might don. above is what i came up with.

i'm totally copying the style of a jewelry designer that i ADORE [and whose stuff i can't afford right now] ronni kappos . i think she's brilliant. in fact so brilliant that i made another necklace channeling her


this one is going across the ocean to another continent. i hope the recipient likes it... fingers crossed.

from grandma

my mom knit this for cc. she used a japanese craft book [sorry i don't know the title or ISBN, but maybe next visit i can ask her]. she made a matching blanket too. they are so beautiful... it's nice to think about cc as an adult and having these handmade items to hold and have. the thing is my mom can actually read the directions - lucky lady. i can decipher the crochet instructions, but knitting charts in japanese are still jibberish to me. knitting charts in general are jibberish to me. they look cool, but i have not a clue how to follow them. amisha and i were talking about this. if she lived closer maybe she could help me figure out knitting and i could show her how to make an amiguri. i'm positive the amiguri is a much easier task than cables.

a bug is coming to CA soon. if we have time i can show her how to crochet an elephant if she wants. her partner grub is the one who designed my studio so he gets to see it. it's finally been sunny the last couple of days so they are making progress. the siding is going up!!!! if just *might* be almost done by the time they get here.

have a great friday and weekend!


jan said…
wow - what a beautiful treasure this knitted sweater is. so precious. it has such an antique look to it. love the necklaces too.

looking forward to seeing the studio. perhaps a tour?
shari said…
the necklaces are so cool. i love the idea of taking apart something and creating a new piece. i want to send you some of my old jewelry! and such a sweet sweater for cc. have fun with bug and grub. xo
Esti said…
The necklaces are fantastic :)
gracia said…
Both pieces are fantastically brilliant... as is the inspiration behind. Such beauty! And such a lucky recipient, too. Whomever they are they are sure to treasure it.
Janet said…
Wow Lisa, someone else has been busy. I am 37 weeks and it feels like its this long since I have read any blogs, and as I stopped work today I had a catch up. I couldn't believe my eyes. I hope motherhood is treating you well. She is truly beautiful and an absolute joy. Enjoy and I will be sure to keep popping my head in now xxx
Lisa said…
I was browsing/surfing/stumbling along here in the ethernet, and that AMAZING necklace (which I wish was mine) caught my eye! Glad it did, I am now getting a cup of tea and have a good read!!
rori said…
I am not allowed in my house enough lately to catch up on all my blogs, but am so happy to see my beautiful necklace here, so so so much better than it's first life (he he). thank you again and love to cc
louise said…
Your mums work is just beautiful, I'm sure CC will cherish it in years to come. How exciting it must be to watch your studio progress. I can't wait to see the finished space. xo lj
amy said…
your necklaces are amazing! fabulous work...simple design, yet so effective!
amisha said…
man i wish i could come over and crochet and knit with you!! you have been doing some amazing making lately. both of these necklaces are just fantastic. i'm getting more into wearing necklaces lately... must be the warm weather and exposing my neck more often :) and your mama's sweater!! that is going to be an heirloom for sure. so beautiful.

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