13 March 2009



bug and grub brought the sweetest treats when they stopped by [tasted as good as they look]. haven't made it to miette yet - but i think it will be a must stop next time i head to SF.

they return next week for a bit more of a visit.

one of the things i love about gwen is that she color coordinates and plans her travel outfits. cutest charts ever! because i knew what colors she'd be wearing i wanted to make her a necklace

necklace 3 for bug

i really really like making these. if anyone is interested i might be coaxed into making some to sell? you could give me some color palette options and then i could give it a whirl. just a thought....

i'm about to try and gocco with cc strapped to me... we'll see how it goes. i'm working on some prints for a show. hopefully they'll come out. but i wanted to leave you with some eye candy. a former student sent me this image:

maurizio anzeri

it's work by Maurizio Anzeri . yum. besides the above piece, i really love the photos that have embroidery on them. why didn't i think of that? i've embroidered images from old photographs but never though to embroider on top. duh.

oh! and go check out abby's resurrection of 5 senses friday

have a good weekend. i'll be back next week with images of the 7 foot drawing. finally.


Esti said...

that embroidery is wonderful. A delicate piece of art. I also like the idea of the embroidery on the photograph.
I like the necklace too. I'll have to think about the colors...
have a good weekend with your cc strapped to you!

UNIFORM Studio said...

I love the necklace! (this is me coaxing...)
good luck w/ the gocco + baby. That never worked for me so much...:)

gracia said...

You are a dear... everything about this post made me smile.

Fingers crossed that your gocco plus cc adventure turns out swell.


Anke said...

Love your necklaces - definitely something you could sell...if you didn't get custom orders already. and the map............aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! fab, fab.

sophia said...

please tell me someone is going to take a photo of you (or maybe self-timer and a tripod?) working on a gocco while baby is strapped to you.

claire-elizabeth said...

those cupcakes look very tasty!
the necklace is beautiful! definatly think you could sell them!

deerseason87 said...

I am jealous of those charts. Mine are never that well-illustrated!

jess gonacha said...

wow, that is a lovely piece! and you should most definitely sell those necklaces- they would be a hit. ;)

louise said...

I'm sure your prints will be as delicious looking as those cup cakes... Which I'm now craving. xo lj

Di said...

Wow - so much goodness in one post! I love the look of those cakes, licking my lips just thinking about them....but my favourite is the map - I am a lover of maps and this one is just spectacular!

julie said...

those cupcakes - a work of art in themselves :)
how did goccoing go with cc?
the embroidery is beautiful.
hugs xxx

Katrina said...

i LOVE that image that your student sent you. and the link to the portfolio too. wow, the installations are dreamy...and embroidering on photos seems like a brilliant idea. lovely.

comfies said...

the necklace is good. i want one!

bugheart said...

that gocco
must be amazing.

and i
the necklace...
i have to
send you
a proper
thank you
for the
and hat.
i wore
that necklace
and the
one you
gave me
a while back
on the whole
thank you
so so

babelfish said...

Those cupcakes look delish, and I love gwen's outfit charts too! Fab gocco, have fun being creative with cc.