affordable art part 1

doily body  ON TINY SHOWASE

one of these will be the featured print on tiny showcase this evening. 4pm pacific 7pm eastern. i heart tiny showcase. seriously - they are the nicest folks. you'll have to check out the site to see which one is being released tonight. we have plans to release all three eventually so that you can collect the set.

by the way - when i made these i was thinking of the body parts that you need in order to make art - your heart, your brain and your lungs [because you have to breathe]. there's actually a 4th component - your guts - but it's my least favorite as a stand alone drawing of the set so... i made an editorial decision to forgo it.

$20 per print with $250 of the proceeds going to the susan k, gorman for the cure of breast cancer fund. my mom is a breast cancer survivor and so this is a cause near and dear to my heart. i always have good intentions and the desire to participate in the walks or other events that are organized, but i never manage to. i can do this though.

i have more prints in the pipeline, but i'll save them for another post [if you are on my mailing list you got a sneak peek!]

happy tuesday! [what are you up to today? i have a not fun errand of getting the little 2 of her vaccines today. sigh]


wendy said…
i love the lungs!
I find that if I take a big deep breath before the shot, it helps jasper - good luck.
Julie said…
Yay! The first of the set: acquired! I needed the lungs, too. So often, I forget to just breathe.

Hope all went well with the little bébé :)
melissa s. said…
glad to hear all 3 will be available, i need some heart and brains with my lungs :)

hope the shots went ok. when she's older, you can promise post-shot cupcakes which makes it a teensy bit easier.
jorth said…
Wow, they are just beautiful! We all need a little more heart...
craftapalooza said…
So frickin awesome, *skipping* over to tiny...
Esti said…
I'be just bought my first piece of your art and look forward to the next two pieces!! I like them a lot!

Hope the sun shines on you and cc too today; there's a lot of time ahead to make up for the vaccines...
gracia said…
Tiny organs for a tiny showcase... great work, as always, Lisa. xo
louise said…
Love your new works. xo lj
Camilla said…
You've managed to make a brain look beautiful, which I think is something of an achievement! Lovely work.
Sarah said…
Hi Lisa, I love what I have seen so far of your work....mainly in the illustration book...with the doilies etc.
In the near future (next couple of weeks) I'll be submitting an application for my PHD research, practice based. i want to look at the area where fine art, craft and decoration (and possibly more disciplines such as illustration)overlap. From my initially glancing at your work, it looks like your practice may overlap some of these disciplines?
just wondered if I could at some stage bend your ear in terms of interviewing you? It might not be for a few years mind!!

Anwyay, will watch your blog closely.
bugheart said…
thought i
i managed
to snag
tiny showcase!
i'd really
like to get
a hold of
the brain one
for my advisor
(and me too).

man oh man
babelfish said…
The group of them is so beautiful and thoughtful as always, being able to support a charity is a bonus! congrats on your new works.
Leililaloo said…
These are so so beautiful. I hope everything went alright with the shots.. I always feel awful that day.
Shannon Lowry said…
Lovely! I'm going there now. And so nice to see you mixing motherhood into your life.
amisha said…
the print looks SO good live and in person! they did a great job. my little apartment is becoming a lisa gallery! i love it :) can't wait for the next two in the set.

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