the incredible print show

*update* the prints are available in the artstream shop here **

doily prints

so remember when i was goccoing with the little?

here's what i was making ... 2 prints to send to art stream studios for their incredible print show

opens May 1 runs through June 27th

i have always always wanted to do more with paper doilies [after the cupcake drawing series]. paper doilies are kind of throwback, no? they also instantly remind of me of sweets [all the cute bakeries that still use them]. plus i like how they are and aren't like crocheted doilies....

the doily also just makes me think of home... and so home was the theme for these.

dream of home

dream of home
2009 - signed edition of 20 with 5 APs
gocco, charcoal, embroidery on doily
10" D

doily sweet doily

doily sweet doily
2009 signed edition of 20 with 5 APs
gocco, embroidery on doily
8" D

these prints are under $60. affordable art rock on ! please contact the gallery if you are interested. i'm not sure if they are going to end up in their shop ??

random thoughts :

1. i went a bit overboard on the reading and trying to institute a game plan with cc. i ended up stressed [making her stressed] and feeling like a failure [even though i was partially succeeding]. note to self - ENJOY YOUR BABY. this is the new mantra. things will work out. even if it's not always how you envision it. stop trying to conform to every book you read b/c there is a book that will back up any method. hands down motherhood is the hardest thing i've ever tried to do. it's also heart wrenchingly good [she is smiling now!!! and cooing. we have mini conversations all day]

2. next week is POLAROID week 2009 - and gosh darn it i'm going to participate this year. i have tons of polaroids from japan that i haven't even shown anyone.... so even if i don't say anything i will post a picture EVERY DAY next week.

3. i am DREAMING of owning one of these metal step ladders . it would be perfect for the loft in my studio. and it would help w/ installations. i've used them before and they are good. so good. i'm calling tomorrow to see what kind of small fortune it might cost. it doesn't hurt to ask, right?

have a good weekend!


Esti said…
I love those sewn houses.
Anonymous said…
I LOVE the doilies! I hope you continue to use these as a palate for your work because they can be a lovely, focused, and thus wonderful medium.

I am glad to hear that you recognized that you have to march according to the drumbeat of your own baby's needs and your own heart. Raising a child is both the most demanding and the most gratifying thing one can ever do! And there is no ready made formula or manual for how to do it. Throw in the sleep deprivation along with having to give up one's routines and comfortable activities for awhile. Thus, it is sometimes a recipe for lots and lots of stress.

Take it from one who has been there/done that!
Kathleen said…
These pieces are beautiful lisa! And they are in the artstream shop which makes those of us who can't trek to NH this weekend very happy:)

Your little girl is SO lucky. Remember that. She has this incredible, talented mom. Just follow your intuition and the universe will take care of you both, that I know for sure.
melissa s. said…
beautiful prints, lisa. i love them. and good for you on figuring out item #1. yes, throw the books away but do remember to lean on your friends and family for support. hugs to you, don't those first smiles & coos just make your heart melt?
Leililaloo said…
These are so incredibly gorgeous!!! Just like little cupcakes comming right out of the oven smelling heavenly.
shari said…
these two pieces are unbelievably beautiful. i love your new's the most important thing! happy weekend.
susan said…
lisa- your lovely works are all in the shop and of course, going fast... people! be swift!
:) loads of photos on flickr and FB.
me? i am going to take some naps today. ....

betsy said…
Gorgeous prints, lj. And yes, yes, yes to #1. And it applies to every stage of parenthood we've been through so far. Also just when we have figured out some system, wham! A new developmental stage and needs! And we need to figure it all out again. Which we never do. Listen to that sweet baby girl and listen to yourself -- you have brilliant instincts. And most of all, enjoy her. xoxo
your pieces for IPS are so beautiful, and i didn't realize you made an edition, they looked like one-of-a kind pieces to me. they're wonderful.

me too on your comment you left for me earlier, i'd love to show with just you.

enjoy your baby today lisa. :)
Camilla Engman said…
they are so good, in many ways!
Enjoy beeing a mother, time flies as you know :)
red-handed said…
Very charming ... it will be a great show.
babelfish said…
Love the details on the beds and houses, beautiful work! Enjoyed hearing of your mothering experience with cc, sounds wonderful (of course she is the cutest thing ever).
amisha said…
you know i love these. so many of my thoughts are bound up with home... distance... connections... these speak to my heart.

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