moving day

this morning was the big move. what took them a little under 3 hours would have taken me and anyone i could have begged into helping me weeks. or at least all day going back and forth with our pick-up.

i can't believe that there is a building in my backyard that is mine. i look out the window everyday in disbelief.

now comes the set up part. [oh boy]. and the figuring out how to work in there with the little. do i bring a bassinet in there? will she sleep in it? do i just work with her strapped onto me via the baby bjorn or new plush ergo carrier i ordered?? i'm sure - like everything else - something will get worked out.

so i'm going to take a few days off from the internet to try and get cracking back there. i'll be back on friday, though, with a show announcement and pictures of more prints that will be available!

pretty dollys

i loved all the dollys the movers brought. why do i love dollys? yes. i'm weird.

happy tuesday!


wendy said…
oh I love the delancey street movers - we used them to ship our stuff from nyc.
can you cordon off a little area for her? congrats on the move!! very exciting. good luck getting it all worked out.
louise said…
I'm sooooooooo excited for you. Perhaps you could build CC a bassinet on a dolly for the studio. That way you can have her follow you around but not be strapped to you? xoxo lj PS Hope you have a ball setting up.
PPS My baby raising advice is to be taken with a grain of salt... I have no baby raising skills.
Anonymous said…
Very, very best wishes to you in YOUR OWN, brand new work space! While it will admittedly be a challenge at first balancing time for yourself and time for cc, think of all the time you'll spend together back there with her as she gets older. A little corner somewhere for her to work on projects of her own while you work on yours? So much FUN and satisfaction awaits you!!
susan said…
oh how much wonderful fun is that going to be? hooray for movers. i have used them occasionally and felt so relieved of stress especially of asking people to help.
i love dollys and doilies. :)
melissa s. said…
congrats on the move lisa! how nice to have little cc beside you while you work.
bugheart said…
can't wait to see
what it looks like
with all your stuff inside!
is the loft up?
Shannon Lowry said…
Congrats. And I just emailed you before checking this. funny. We both signed off "happy Tuesday" Happy, happy Tuesday in your new space. It made all the difference in the world to have my own space once I had kids in tow.
Katrina said…
congrats on your new space! i think a backyard studio is a dream come true. (first i need the backyard!) i'm going to take a few moments to get caught-up on lisa happenings, i've been unplugged for a few weeks now. happy week to you!
Julie said…
Yay! How exciting! I shall live vicariously through your adventures with this space.

I love a good dolly, as well! They remind me of these dolly-like scooters we had in gym in elementary school. You'd get a running start, hop on have the time of your life until you rolled into a wall or classmate.
gracia said…
The big move, eh? Wow! How exciting... and how much you must have to do. Looking forward to seeing the great work that is bound to come from such a tailor-made space. Enjoy it, all of it.

babelfish said…
That's quite cool, a building on wheels? We don't really have that here, love how it looks.

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