mixtape zine cover

did you ever make mixed tapes? if you say yes you are dating yourself. my husband made amazing mixedtapes. sometimes if i hear a certain song i recall the song he put before and after it on a tape. oh way back when.

anyway - a piece of mine [that i did awhile ago for an artswap that the woman who runs this place organized [it's how we met actually]] is the cover for the next issue of mixed tape zine a really great DIY [and now in full color] zine from our good crafty aussie friends. you can pre-order a copy of the one w/ my bird on the cover if you are so inclined.

i have been an all around bad blogger. i have started to write posts in my mind about the space between things - this is something that i think about often - and recently it's been in the forefront of my mind - but alas i don't have the mental capacity to actually get down to it. [my mind is in between functioning and jelly]

i also have not been taking any photos except for of the little. and one polaroid that came out. [finally].

but... the studio is packed. movers come on tuesday to schlep everything. and life moves forward.

by the way... thank you to everyone who helped the tiny showcase print sell out. i'm humbled. there are 2 more prints in the works with them - and 2 more in the works elsewhere. more on that soon.

have a great weekend!


wendy said…
how do boys woo girls without the mixtape - cd's, ipod mixes?
& yeah for the tiny showcase sell out!
gracia said…
Mix tapes -- ah, yes! Happy memories of both receiving and making mixed tapes. And, I'm with Wendy in regard to pondering modern day wooing.

Congratulations, also, on your cover piece... xo
babelfish said…
An artswap? what a wonderful story :) I did a mix CD for my FP Valentine swap last year, hope they liked it!
Julie said…
I think I still have some of those tapes around here somewhere... ahh those where the days!

How fantastic about the cover! Congrats :)

p.s. I'm excited to see your tiny showcase print in the flesh...or pulp? Um, yeah in person :)
louise said…
Your cover on mix tape looks fantastic. Congrats. xo lj
amisha said…
i miss mix tapes. i used to make them all the time! since i got an ipod i haven't even made playlists, which is kinda lame. i just put it on shuffle, but that is not the same at all, is it?
and i hear you on writing posts in your head only. that is me for sure.

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