pleasant things


i was going to title this post good things - but then that phrase has become so martha stewart associated i decided to use the word pleasant instead. it doesn't slip off your tongue or ring as nicely in your ear, but whatever. i'm all about the compromise.

the wisteria has bloomed in my yard. this signals spring to me. the smell is so wonderful. i took the little under it this morning just to smell it for a few minutes. before the flowers fade. i also tried to take some polaroids - but i have lost my polaroid mojo. if anyone finds it i'll give them a reward for its safe return.

my mom left. this is going to sound sappy, but until you have your own child you just don't realize what exactly your mom REALLY did for you when you were growing up. i was so beyond grateful to have her here. things that at one time seemed small [sleeping in, doing dishes solo, a relaxing bath!] all of a sudden were really wonderful extras that i didn't even know i had been missing.

and on the cute front:

isbn4-579-11182-4 - mom and girl outfits

leslie has been living in japan [jealous]. she has an etsy store - which she is having a huge SALE in because she is moving home.

i bought the above book. [isbn4-579-11182-4 - if you are interested] am dreaming of someday making matching outfits for me and cc. wonder if i will make this dream a reality?

postal inspired stamps

i also bought these postal stamps. which i am way way way too excited about. have already used them on various mailed items.

OK. enough pleasantries for today. everytime i take a break from the internets they seem to grow exponentially. how does that happen? anyway - have a good weekend. i'll be back early next week with an exciting art [affordable!] announcement.


bri said…
Been thinking about you and CC lots recently. Just got back into town after an extended visit with my mom.

Yes, there are moments when you realize what they have done for you. I cannot imagine what it feels like to step into her shoes. For now, I'll live vicariously through you.


Esti said…
hi Lisa!
When my eldest was born i also found out how tough being a mom could be. Husband and I stayed for a week at my mom's then, and one morning I just got up, found her in the kitchen and I hugged her and kissed her and said... "how I ever dared to scream at you or anything?" I could never be grateful enough for all she's done for me, and still does. It gets to become a mom to realize, I guess.

The art announcement sounds so exciting! Can't wait!
Anonymous said…
Mark Twain once noted that it was only after he had grown up and had children of his own that he realized how smart his Dad was. Same thing is true about realizing all that our parents did for us when we were small. At that age we just take it for granted that Moms, or Dads, do these sorts of things!
The book looks lovey. The stamps will be fun, eh?!?
shari said…
hi lisa,

that wisteria photo is beautiful. i miss the smell. there was a huge grove of it in durham on the route to one of my favorite cafes. love the mom and daughter outfit book and am looking forward to seeing which one you choose. xo
risa said…
i have to say that just being pregnant has made me appreciate family at a whole new really does change your perspective.

and i'm trying to spend time appreciating all the good little thing life brings too. for awhile we were really caught up in the stresses of life - and while still hectic and at times upsetting we've found a more peaceful place where we can also be thankful for all we have...
it feels quite pleasant. :)

i can't wait to see photos of you and cc in matching outfits.
and to see your new art!
babelfish said…
Such a fleeting visit from your mum, sounds like you guys had a lovely time. The book you got with mother & daughter matching outfits is so cute, I'm sure we'll see matching lisa and cc soon :) (loving the mailing stamps, I can see why you want to use them everywhere :P)
bugheart said…
the wisteria
is in bloom
all around
the capitol...
the cherry blossoms
get all the attention
but i always
love the
the best.

i, like bri,
live vicariously
through you...
every year
i only become
more and more
of what
my mother
did for me.
to you, d,
and cc.
i enjoyed seeing your photos of your family.

now when i pack my own lunch to take with me on teaching days, i think of my mom, she packed our lunch every day, even all through high school.

looking forward to your news!
wendy said…
oh those dresses - it'd be fun to see you all matchy matchy.
it is totally eye opening to sort of be in your parents shoes. I am glad she came up!!
gracia said…
I am all for things pleasant, for the intoxicating smell of wisteria in bloom, and family ties laced with love.

take care, and wishing you continued bright spring days, g xo
louise said…
Wisteria is the most blissful of smells, lucky CC having her first experience of it. So many other pleasant things, all of which sounds lovely. xo lj
andrea said…
yeah, I really sort of hate that martha stewart has ruined that phrase. but your good things are so good. better than martha's good things.

two more things:

1. I appreciate my mom in a completely different way now that I have kids. the word 'sacrifice' has taken on a whole new meaning.

2. I can't believe your friend owns a photobooth. GET OUT. it's only a matter of time before I end up down in your neck of the woods, begging to hold your sweet baby girl and crashing your friend's personal photobooth party. :)

Karen said…
Wisteria sounds lovely as does your mum's visit with you and CC. Postal stamps! Fun...

amisha said…
i would so love to see you & cc in matching outfits :) and i can just imagine how good it was to have your mama with you. as more of my chums are having little ones i am seeing my own mom in a new light! xox

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