polaroid week 2009 - thurs

so... the other thing i really like is finding beauty in mundane and "normal" objects. things that you might just overlook - or things that seem utilitarian. sometimes it's in piles of papers, or stacks of jars that i see a moment of real "everyday" beauty. [this of course relates to the enmasse thing]


wooden buckets. the bird motif in the crest is so cool. simple, but pretty. these were in asakusa...


we walked through a more working class neighborhood with our friends who lived on the outskirts of tokyo. there was a machine shop/repair place with these tins. each one brimming with nails or scraps or some other thing. stacked and stacked and stacked.


there really are a lot of coi fish in japan. :O sometimes i get a bit freaked out when they all converge on some food. too many wiggly things mouths agape... but they also are really pretty. i liked hunting for the rare white one ....

happy thurs. long live the polaroid. more here


jen said…
i love these lisa!
gracia said…
That bird motif is darling... and I never knew that about rare white coi fish. Thank you for sharing these polaroids and taking the time to post them here. xo

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