polaroid week 2009 - tues

today it's all about the diptych. still in japan...

cherry blossoms

there were cherry blossoms in every park we visited. it was pretty amazing. lovely to see something so delicate interacting with the landscape.

our room

this time we stayed in a "japanese" style room - so we couldn't wear shoes in the room and we had a traditional bath. every night a woman came in and set up our futon beds for the night.... and there were traditional paper/wood room dividers.


on the left is the bowling alley in asakusa. on the right are streamers of paper cranes.... i just like how the colors match.

have a good tuesday! remember - more polaroids here


risa said…
i was just thinking yesterday about how much i would like to visit japan and how it probably won't happen for a long time. at least, i can live vicariously through your polaroids...
babelfish said…
I love these so much, sigh...you're tempting us with pictures of Japan again, such a fascinating place.
susan said…
lisa so very beautiful!!! i love the first diptych especially!
gracia said…
Cherry blossom!
All that colour!
I want to jump right in.

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