polaroid week 2009

it's polaroid week folks. and i'm participating. yay.

blue man

fake blossoms

taco [octopus] stand

these were taken in asakusa last spring. one of my greatest pleasures while traveling is to take polaroids. they are instantly nostalgic. the colors - the framing. it's really like capturing a little moment in time that then lives on in a little square. of course they feel very different than digital shots but it think they vary even from regular film. there is just nothing like watching an image emerge before your eyes...

asakusa has a big old temple that many people go to visit - and the surrounding area has a ton of tourist stalls and shops that sell "traditional" wares. the first shot is of a stall yet to open. the second is of the fake cherry blossoms that were hanging on almost every lampost [it was cherry blossom season]. there was also a festival at the temple when we visited. the 3 shot is of a "taco" stand. in this case taco is octopus. i'm not a huge fan, but my husband ate them. 3 little baby octopi on a stick. our companion was grossed out by it. heh heh.

you can see more polaroids by clicking here


babelfish said…
I am fascinated by the fake cherry blossoms, would love to have them all year round, so beautiful! Octopi are delicious :P
amisha said…
e had these dough balls that were filled with mayo and octopus in ueno park... he loved them but i have to confess i was a little squeamish ;)
and yes yes to these polas! so funny to come back and catch up and read this after thinking about this same thing, the instant nostalgia, lately. i love it. xox

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