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hello. we made it through last week. one long day and night at the hospital [hours felt like days] but overall we were none worse for the wear. thanks for all the emails/notes of concern and well wishes. they really meant a lot!

i've been meaning to show the mobile i made for CC. she's definitely seeing in 3D and color - so i wanted to hang something above her crib. i thought origami would be fun. i've made cranes since i was a little girl, but the wreath pattern came from a bloesem post here . in that post there's a link to many more origami sites and one of them had the butterfly pattern i also used [sorry i didn't keep track of which one]. the paper was actually a gift from the curator of the museum where i had my show 2 years ago.

the mobile is a success - she coos at it - heh heh

so onto life... i'm kind of at a loss. i'm not sure if i'm coming or going and there's so much and so little going on simultaneously. i keep thinking it's a miracle if i get 3 things done in a day [one of which is usually dishes]. my studio is slowly coming together. just a few more boxes to unpack before it will be functional. not perfect and organized the way i want it to be, but functional [which will do for now]. while i feel like i have a lot to say and potentially show here, i don't have a lot of computer time to type - or a lot of mental capacity to organize my thoughts... so it goes.

i know i didn't want this blog to become all about me as a parent - but i have found a couple of websites that i want to share with the other parents out there [these might be old news to you, but they've been great resources for me].

ask moxie this is a woman in ny with two kids who is funny and smart and writes from a down in the trenches perspective. her commenters are also funny and smart and i have laughed and cried and felt better as a parent from reading multiple posts on this site

because i want to give bloesem all the props i can... she also has this great kids site . so much eye candy and good ideas there.

of course the baby center is just a good all around quick i need to look something up site

and then there's berkeley parents network .super duper helpful if you are in the bay area - but even if you aren't - there's so much advice, good stories, helpful suggestions etc. the site is a maze... so much.

there are more, but this is where i'll stop for now.

be back soon. i have more polaroids and a couple of domestic life sketchbook pages to share....


Kathleen said…
oh my goodness, I've been out of the loop! so sorry you had a stressful time, but so glad to hear the little one came through fine. her mobile is gorgeous. I bet all those wonderful colors are sparking her creative genius, which she no doubt inherited from her mom:) I hope waters are still for you for awhile. Much love!
risa said…
hi lisa!
i'm sorry i never emailed you during the surgery but i did think of you often!!!
thank you for the links - i look forward to checking them all out! and i love the mobile. i was thinking i want to have a handmade one too.
i only wish i had more time to create my true vision which involved little stuffies, but maybe something simpler with paper is more do-able. not to imply you didn't put in plenty of time putting cc's together.
thanks for the inspiration. i for one, don't mind mommy talk. :)
big hugs!
wendy said…
i hear you on the mental capacity to organize thoughts. ack.
love love the mobile.
glad everyone is home and doing good.
Julie said…
Ack! I could've sent you good vibes and hugs last week if I had known! Being closer geographically may have helped them get there faster.

I'm glad everything is okay with the little bebe. And that mobile is darling. Don't you love origami? I find it relaxing.

And don't worry about the whole parent/blog thing. It's only natural that one would affect and flow and ebb into the other, and I know I certainly don't mind hearing about you and the family :)

(I'll try and get some vacation picks up for you soon.)
Anonymous said…
What great news, of course, about cc's recovery from the surgery. These things are almost always much harder on the parent(s) than the child! The mobile is WONDERFUL. I can just see her looking, smiling, arms and legs moving around in joy at the sight of it. SAVOR every moment with/about her even though you also miss the time to do your artwork. There will be time for the latter later on when cc is busy with things of her own. Thanks, too, for the info about the websites. I will pass these along to other young parents.
melissa s. said…
love the mobile! my daily goal when my littles were very little was brushing my teeth. and some days, that didn't even happen. you're doing a great job (i know, because i see all those cc smiles!) xo
Camilla said…
I'm glad to hear that everything went well with the surgery- it must've been so stressful and scary for you all. I rarely have the mental capacity to organise my thoughts and it's just me and the cats, I don't know how anyone with more than that going on manages to blog at all!
gracia said…
Dear me... I've been a little out of the loop with blogging of late but I am so very glad to hear all went well and is staying that way. That mobile you made for your tiny love is a beauty... it is easy to see why she might be fascinated by it.

big hugs to you & your CC.
Esti said…
I'm glad that everything went well. I relate to your words of not knowing where I stand now, if I'm coming or going... I think it's a springtime feeling, or so I hope. Lately I've been wishing I could create parallel lives, not to miss anything I wanna do.
julie said…
lisa, the mobile is so pretty and fun and of course cc is taken with it. i think you are probably getting so much more done than you think you are.
Hugs xx
louise said…
So happy to hear that CC is back to her brilliant self and that you three have recovered from the hospital trip. Sorry I wasn't around earlier to send a best wishes though.
xoxo lj PS thanks for your best wishes, you're a sweetie.
UNIFORM Studio said…
glad she is doing well:)
the mobile is just perfect.
don't be too hard on yourself:)
blair said…
I am hoping that recooping is still moving along smoothly. Its truly remarkable to me how quickly a little person can heal. I was going to comment on this post last time I was here, and got sidetracked with your links. I wish I'd had mom blogs when my kids were little, I would have loved them (as I do now). xo
babelfish said…
So happy that cc is well. That's a wonderful mobile you made there, I'm sure she'll be finding it difficult to keep her eyes off it!

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