i could have sworn it was monday

i have no concept of what day it is....

this post will contain all the random things i've been meaning to post about but have been forgetting.....


christopher faiss sawhorse desk

my former studio mate makes beautiful things [and installs them for other people]. above are his spiffed out sawhorses [what is it about sawhorses that is so appealing?? i want a pair of these, but with galvanized accents instead of bronze.... if only...] i have been hounding him to get his website together for gosh i don't know - like 5 YEARS?? well - we finally did it.



i keep forgetting to mention that i have been in more dialogue videos. the last two were on niche: friend or for [with pia ] and this week social networking [with kate and will ]. i have a hard time watching myself, but i watch the videos to see what other people say. i kind of close my eyes when i'm onscreen and then re-open them when i don't hear my voice anymore. i always feel like i'm saying the dumbest stuff.


my origami mobile was featured in cafe mom today. thanks sheri


the mixtape zine giveaway w/ my birdie on the cover is still going... till tomorrow.... [what i love about give-a-ways is all the new people you meet online]


4 random polaroids from Japan. i did say i'd post more of those, right? these are all the cute things in front of stores and in parks [and that i always seem to shoot on the left side of the frame??? why is that?]

blue elephant

green tea soft



bye for now.


Esti said…
I always think you say the most sensible things...
Laura. said…
whenever i watch the dialogues, i think to myself "i could not do that, i hate watching/hearing myself on camera". but i think the virtual discussion is great (and it made me so happy to hear your baby cooing in the background!) and i think today's post garnered some great feedback and an actual dialogue--more than some of the others, perhaps? or maybe i was just paying more attention and got in on the conversation more. anyway, i think it is a great idea and i always like when you participate :)
well those are pretty great sawhorses, i'd like a set too!
i seem to always photograph to one side or the other too, and try to make myself do something else at times. doesn't always work.
i hope you having a great week, each & every day.
gracia said…
Hey there Lisa,
So enjoyed watching you and other clever folk in those art dialogues... and I think you say the cleverest things and look terribly composed. I don't think there are many of us all that comfortable with seeing or hearing (or both!) ourselves. Bravo!
g xo
shari said…
i can't get any vimeo videos to play. tips? ideas? aargh. love the origami mobile. i want one for me. xoxo
louise said…
Those able legs are beautiful, really gorgeous. As too are your polaroids. xo lj
julie said…
love the website you created for such beautiful handcrafted furniture. also loved watching the video! and finaly.. love your polas.
hugs xx
hongyi said…
i love those sawhorses! what did u study in college...?
babelfish said…
I love hearing and watching you speak, you are inspiring and articulate with words. Sweet polaroids, these cute things make me happy :)

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