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square of sun

i should have taken a polaroid of this moment for the domestic life series.... i bet though if i had grabbed the polaroid camera the loud clzack zzzz noise that it emits when spitting out the picture would have sent chini and mcnulty running from their spot. and who would want to do that to them?

sometimes i think cats are so lucky. find a moment of sun. lay and clean oneself in the warmth. take a nap. what a life. i find myself secretly wishing that a) i could take a nap in the sun and b) i had the ability to sleep comfortably on hard wood. [although lately in my sometimes sleep deprived state i HAVE fallen asleep on floors and in chairs in funky positions - maybe i am more cat like than i think]

a domestic life :: 07 :: girls day dolls

a domestic life :: 07 :: girl's day dolls

in my head this is my attempt at omitting information and trying to bridge the gap between the prince and the princess. see they share certain bits of information. so in my head this ties them together and sort of removes the gender quotient [and this fascinates me. the gender quotient in general and how to remove, circumvent, toy with that whole idea]. it's also sort of funny to me to see how i seem to steer clear of the figure [even in doll form]. if you just look at the drawing what would you think is going on?? i think it reads japanese - but maybe only if you are familiar with the symbolism? i'm not sure. other than that - the space is so funky. floating trees on a colored empty platform? huh?

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mia christopher added me as a friend on flickr and i love her work. it's so charming. and she lives in SF. maybe i'll get to see some in person someday. i can only hope. her work has that funny empty space -- what's going on here feeling that i gravitate toward.

have a good weekend!

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