hello internets - did you miss me?

stamping baby shirts

being sans computer can be a blessing and a curse. it's kind of nice not to have to get design work done, or answer emails.... but then i start feeling antsy. isolated. wondering what you all are doing out there in internet-land. what are you making, reading, taking pictures of, eating????

like see - i missed when abby posted about her hope to go to second storie market ... and the release of a special print set to help get her there. i almost bought this print too.

and then i wonder about this space. what to write when i return. there is so much and so little to say at the same time.

it's almost like each of my days are broken into micro-segments. what do i do with the little when she's awake? what do i do while she's asleep? is she getting enough sleep? [i know i'm not getting enough sleep]. how do i balance what she needs with what i need and everything in between? did i remember to go outside today??

and then some stuff does get made around here. like the above shirts stamped. there are babies being born to the left and the right of me... and with cc outgrowing her clothes faster than you can blink i thought i'd re-cycle ad re-fashion her plain white onsies for the newly arriving babes. the dog stamp i bought - but i carved the robot one.

one cupcake

the other day i did manage to walk to a cafe and get a glorious cupcake. and i put it on my very special robot plates [from amisha and shari ]. which reminds me that i really should properly thank some folks for their gifts that they've sent. which means that i should photo them. cough cough.


and it was the 4th of july in there somewhere, right? just when i think i'm about to loose my sanity... my mom comes. and rescues me. and takes on baby duty in a way that allows me to relax. to realize that i am still my own person. gives me and my husband a chance to watch a movie together.

and how cute is she with the sparklers? in my coat???

sometimes it's the absolute littlest things that loom large. how grateful am i to those close to me that i can lean on. depend on. how special is it to come down the stairs after getting the little to bed and find a plate of food lovingly put together by my hubby for me?? practically every night.

i did manage to make some art these last few weeks. images of that... and my studio... and our new bathroom... and and and??? stay tuned.

happy weekend!


shari said…
your mom is so cute! i've missed you here. and you totally thanked us for the plates (but i love seeing them in action). ;) let's catch up soon. xo
bugheart said…
i missed you!
great baby prize ideas!
what ink did you use
on your baby gear
so it doesn't
wash away...
i wonder how
you get so
much done...
it doesn't
seem to change
with cc...
you are amazing
at getting
things done!
talk soon?
Vanessa said…
i love the robot plate, adorable! and of course the cup cake looks delicious!
jan said…
oh yes we have missed you - but i know how it can get and can totally understand! it was fun to see what you've been up to and how lucky you are to have your mom rescue you once in a while! so nice a post! love the idea of recycling cc's onesies!

: )
Esti said…
I have missed your words too. Your mom looks fantastic with the sparklers. What would it be our life without our moms? will we give the same to our kids in the future? and the nice hubbies out there preparing dinner and hugging us after an exhausting day... Family. The best.
Camilla said…
I've missed you- but I can't imagine how busy you are at the moment, I can barely keep up with life as it is, let alone with a little baby in it.
julie said…
although i too havent been around much lately i have missed you. you even played starring role in my dream last week ;).
glad to see you are being looked after a little and that everything is going well. hugs xx
sophia said…
glad you are back. your life sounds full...so wonderful lisa.
Laura. said…
welcome back! it is good to break from the computer and find that life is so full and wonderful. your mom is so cute! and i like the idea of stamping on recycled onesies (not that i have any laying around. . .). i look forward to seeing new art and new bathroom and new whatever else.
louise said…
I love your line "did i remember to go outside today?? " I feel the same way and I don't even have a little one to look after. You are amazing. Happy 4th July (albeit a little late). Your Mum looks like she's having a ball. xoxo lj
you're right your mom is so cute! i'm happy she and your hubby are so great and supportive, swoop it to bless you with surprise snacks and baby care.

i cannot wait to see your studio lisa!
gracia said…
Yes, you are quite right... it feels both like a blessing and a curse. Not having to do things on the computer can be great and frees up time for other forgotten about things but then I always miss my blogging chums.

Great photos, great to have another post of yours to read... and, as has been said before me, your mum looks cute.

g xo
Katrina said…
aw, yes. you were missed for certain. and i agree that losing computer time is a blessing and a curse. welcome back!
mari said…
Glad to hear you're doing well. And I love that photo of your mom with the hanabi!
babelfish said…
Remember to count those blessings, absolutely! (your mum is adorable)
lisa s said…
hello! thanks for the welcome backs! and the cute mom comments

bug... versa magic. supposedly if you heat set it - it works on fabric. fingers crossed
amisha said…
hey sweet mama. i'm trying hard with the catching up but i realized if i keep writing and writing i'll never get there :) but yes. i missed you, bigtime.
your mama is so cute!!
and i'm glad you are liking the plates :) that makes me so happy.
thinking of you tonight. xox

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