softies + luscious images

sock monkey

the other day christine asked me if i knew of a good softie maker. of course i mentioned that wendy made some of my favorite softies. i also like thelma's ... and gracia + louise sent me a few adorable birdies too [can't find any of them on their website. too bad for you].

the little sock monkey above came to my little the other day. it's ADORABLE. and it's made by volunteers for fresh art - an organization in NYC that supports artists with special needs. good good cause. you can buy a sock monkey for yourself or a little you know.

hot pink bear for ava

i made a little bear for a little girl who is turning one tomorrow. my little's first park hawaian bbq birthday party! should be fun. sunscreen - check, hat - check, long nap beforehand - hopefully!

her invitation was hot pink, so i'm hoping this was a safe color choice. i had to hide it from the little who immediately wanted to put it in her mouth.

and the luscious images??

remember when i was reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog? [one of the best books i've read in awhile BTW] well... muriel barbery's husband takes GORGEOUS photos. see here the ones from japan .

ok.... gotta get some laundry started while the little is still napping. have a great weekend everyone!


babelfish said…
Aww and double aww, enjoy the bbq!
Esti said…
i also got a beautiful birdie from gracia + louise named walter that my little girl carries to bed every night. She says it makes the nightmares go away :)
Top pic is so so cute!
gracia said…
You are a sweetheart... thanks ever so for the mention of our wee owls, and my Mum's 'Thelma's' that never cease to make me smile.

Photos most adorable X 2, I agree... and now I am off to explore further those photos from Japan.

take care, grache xo
Vanessa said…
adorable photos! the first one is so precious!
sophia said…
your little's noggin is so adorable!
the images from japan...strikingly beautiful. hoping one day i can make it there.
Katrina said…
oh what a sweet photo! and i love reading about how your art/ laundry/ bbq plans are all integrating so beautifully with your little one too. happy day to you...
wendy said…
hope the bbq was good & little was on her best behavior - cooing up a storm!
those are pretty gorgeous photos for sure!!
amisha said…
that stuffie is all kinds of cute lisa. and all kinds of pink! i suck because i *still* have not made one... now that it's getting colder i'm feeling like playing with wool again so i will have to try again. xo

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