lunch is better with flowers

lunch is better with flowers

first - thanks for all the kind responses to my last post :). no wonder i like it out here in internet land.....

my old studio mate came by for lunch. it's what i miss most about sharing a studio space. we'd often stop what we were doing to eat and contemplate the universe. we'd discuss our upcoming projects. he'd ask me what colors he should use, i'd beg him to help me construct something. we'd ramble about music, the oakland A's, interesting designs, artists, clients, materials [always in search of the perfect tool].

anyway - he brought mac+cheese and an avocado corn salad and the above flowers - which looked SO lovely in their blue and kraft paper packaging i had to photo them.

thanks faiss .

his + hers sneakpeek

here's a sneak peek of what's going on in the studio.

i'm working on some new pieces for a group show at rare device that opens Oct. 2nd with 2 artists i totally admire marina luz and diem chau

my work for the show is based on my grandparents. i'm working on things that are "his" and "hers" and how i remember them and how they lived their lives.

it feels good to be making things. the nanny has returned from vacation and so i get 4-8 hours a week to work. it's amazing what i can get crammed into those hours now. there no longer any time to dawdle or procrastinate. in fact i spend a lot of time when i'm playing with the little or rocking her to sleep thinking about what needs to happen in the studio. if you could see behind the scenes it's like my brain is multi-tasking. it's whirring and purring -- images and ideas are being born, rejected, tended to, developed. then when i get in to work i'm a maniac.


other tidbits:

we redesigned papermonkey press . check out the new site !

katie from save gocco featured my doily prints the other day . thanks katie ! [great resources on her blog by the way - if you are a gocco enthusiast. i just bought some more supplies for mine and MY have they gone up in price. sigh.]

did you see that wren handmade posted instructions for her gorgeous bracelets on purl? [thanks craftlog

happy wednesday!


amy chicken said…
oh exciting to see a peek of the new work!
I a tried to comment on the last post, but kept changing what I was saying and then felt I just couldn't put in to words. But I read it and know what you mean about the blog world changing, as we all change-

anyhoo, excited you have a new show-wish I could come.
Maitreya said…
Oooh, can't wait to see the rest of the sneak peek projects! :)
I'm so glad you're here Lisa.
That's all I wanted to say for now. :)

julie said…
oh your new work reminds me so much of something i saw in an exhibition last weekend. (i was of course thinking of you when i saw it!!)

andrea tachezy said…
I love your flowers. I bought the pink ones last week, but I don´t know their name :-(
matirose said…
hi lisa,
i love it when you blog and your links. i think the weekly blogging works!
jenifer74 said…
i love checking in with my blog friends; albeit, much more sporadically than i used's comforting to know there are still the same ones out there blogging. when it's been a while, and i check in with one, and they are gone, it makes me sad.

so yes to you still in this space, however you see fit! :)
wendy said…
I also miss the working in a studio - when there are always other bits going on, colors a way that you wouldn't think that may show up in the future.
love the little peek & I totally get the behind the scenes brain multi-tasking!

{I like the new papermonkey site - saw a familiar name notecard - did you know?}
bugheart said…
i am constantly
amazed by
how much you
with the little...
friends of mine
with kids
tell me you
with your
free time...
and become
really really
at using
a hour here
an hour there...
sounds like that
would be good for me!
can't wait
to see your new work...
so inspired by
your work
your history...
babelfish said…
The bouquet is so simple and beautiful, I love the pinks and blues. Happy to hear all the wonderful things happening, and a wren handmade tutorial (wow!-shame I don't know how to crochet)...
louise said…
Hello there multi-tasker,
Your new work sounds really interesting and vibrant. Can't wait to see it completed. You're always an inspiration. xo lj
Katrina said…
those flowers are absolutely gorgeous, and the colors in the wrapping paper... with that bright pink? i dare say, perfect. yum! and congrats on the upcoming show. i hope to see you and it in person! xoxo, k.
amisha said…
this little peek is so wonderful and tantalizing. and now i'm thinking about your earlier post and the gender quotient, and playing with that-- related to this new piece??
i love the idea of the whirring and purring brain working away behind the scenes and then springing to full action when the moment presents itself.

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