an unintentional break

we are 2, but like 1

hello. anyone still reading this blog? it's gathered a bit of dust.

i didn't mean to be gone. life and lack of sleep took over [the little was teething] and so the computer time just had to give.

i really did miss this space, though. more than i thought i might if i gave it up. in fact i started waxing nostalgic. i realized i've been writing here for 5 years. and been part of a community online for that long too.

A LOT has changed since i asked why we blog . in fact i bet many of the links from that post are dead and gone. people who used to be regular readers and commenters here have stopped blogging, had babies, moved onto bigger and better things. some i still keep in contact with in other ways - some i have no idea what happened to them. we've all started twittering and/or facebooking [i really hate this adding of "ing" to a noun to make it an action, but what can you do?]. the circle of who knows who via who expands on almost a daily basis.

i've realized that in some ways this virtual community is more real, more day to day, more dependable than some other communities. but it's also interesting because different social rules apply too.

and i've realized that i still like this as a place to gather links, talk about what interests me, sort out my studio practice, whatever. a few people emailed me to ask why i turned the comments off of the last post. i think it's because i was feeling kind of high school. wondering what kinds of posts generated the most comments - or waiting for comments/reactions. that's not why i started or have this space. don't get me wrong - the comments are fabulous - i love each and every one - or even the lack of them when there aren't any. but i was thinking about them too much. and i was feeling guilty because i knew i couldn't visit everyone and comment back. to me part of what is joyful about blogging is the interaction - and i don't feel right if i can't participate, but people are commenting here.

anyway. i will try to be back. at least once a week. and i will try to participate as i can - understanding that i have new responsibilities in life [and a SHOW to prepare for - yikes!]. hopefully no one will feel slighted. and i won't mind if people stop commenting here. it's just how it will be.

and in the meantime here are some really cool drawings my husband did.

my husband can draw :: 1
mcnulty capturing a cartoon mouse

my husband can draw :: 2
and an "eater" at the bottom of our grocery list.

i love when he draws. i wish he'd do it more often. he does it in fits and spurts.

see you!


Katrina said…
agreed, dear lisa! so well said. i think the community is so amazing, and having an international arts community from my own little studio is a dream. but we have to remember why we started, why we continue, and then do as we need. i love commenting for the dialogue it creates, but i hear you about the highschool self-conscious side too. oh, of course i do! i think we all do. happy time away, hope you're enjoying this dreamy oakland weather. xo, k.
Camilla said…
It's lovely whenever you make a post, but I think we all have to remember that non of us HAVE to be blogging all the time- I feel so guilty sometimes when I realise a week/two weeks/a month has gone by and i've not updated my blog. I think spending time with CC, your work and just living your life are totally reasonable reasons for being away from here.
shari said…
hi lisa.
it is interesting to think about all that has changed since we first started blogging. i think of it often and wonder where i am going with it. it's always nice to check in with you here and read the little snippets about your days. xox
Karen said…
Hello sweet Lisa,

What a good post. I was just thinking the same about my own space in the world wide web. I just go in spurts. But I like seeing my friends and staying in touch. I like the idea of posting once a week. Doesn't seem so much of a commitment...I will try to do that with you.

On another note, what a good artist your hubby is! Good luck with teething!

jen said…
hi sweet, lisa. you are always so thoughtful and it is so nice to see to hear what is going on in your life. whenever it works for you. give cc a kiss from me.xoxo
sophia said…

what i like about your blog is that it has a natural rhythm to your personal life...and that in itself is true and authentic.
good luck with your upcoming show... looking forward to hopefully seeing snippets of it here.
as for your husband's drawings...i envy people who have that natural ability!
I get what you mean here...
I just celebrated 1year of blogging! Your husband's drawing is adorable! ;)
Lovely weekend Lisa!

louise said…
Oh Lisa, I always love your way of thinking. I feel a little in the same boat as you... well except for having a little teething one. I feel very guilty about not visiting friends often enough, but I think one of he best things about this blogging community is it's easy going and accepting nature. So feel guilt no more, and blog when you can, it's always a joy to visit you here. xo lj
gracia said…
I love your husband's drawings, and the photo of you and CC, too. I treasure my visits to your blog, seeing what you are working on, seeing and reading how you see the world. I love, also, what you have written of blogging and what it means to you, to all of us. I nodded in agreement the whole way along. Seems I love an awful lot too.
hugs, g xo
wendy said…
it's nice to 'hear' from you whenever you get the chance.
& teething - it just keeps going & going much like the energizer bunny.
& don't feel guilty, just do what you have time for - because really time is precious now.
julie said…
lisa, i did write a comment here but it seems to have not reached you!
i wanted to say that this space is full of inspiration, smiles and lovely stories. you are always so true.
i always love to visit whenever you have time to write.

abby try again said…
ah yes!
It's funny to think about how much has changed and actually, how little, too.
I feel ya-on so many levels-I feel ya.
Turning comments on, turning them off moving blogs-changing the rules...I feel like I've gone back and forth a lot-but one thing remains the same-I need an outlet. And I enjoy the connections....
Anyway, stopping the babble here-but-I did want to say that yes-your husbands drawings are great. And you-you are always so great! Thank you, Lisa!
bugheart said…
you always
put things
so well.
i know what
you mean
the blog world
as many of us
i know that
when summer
and i have to
(i always THINK
i will be able to keep
up with people/things
but it never ends up
i feel left out
and lonely-
it makes it
to "come back"...
thank you
for always
being so honest.
i will always
be reading-
even if i disappear
for a bit
i will always
come back
and catch up...
miss you.
babelfish said…
Aww such a heart-warming post, lovely 'seeing' you both and to share in the beauty of your husband's drawing (don't worry about not being able to post or comment, life gets in the way sometimes and mostly for the better). I admire your juggling skills and desire to keep in touch with this community!
Tracy said…
as always lovely to hear your voice - and wonderful to see your husband's drawings too! xo
patricia said…
I think we all go through waves of one thing or another. I've been going through a bit of distancing with my blog because life just gets busy. It's always good to catch up with everyone every now and then. We're all the same for the most part just busier!

BTW love your new site!
Anonymous said…
i read your blog still.I'm glad you are back.
McNulty? your cats name is McNulty. Please tell me it's because of The Wire.
Esti said…
Summer has also given me a little of a blogbreak and now that I'm back home I feel guilty for not having the time to correspond all the nice people there visitting my blog. I think we all have ups and downs, a time when we are highly productive or another time when we don't know where we are heading. And our blogs reflect that too. And it's so good, because it's imperfect. I find that the internet and the blogworld tend to portrait a sweet version of us. The reason why I keep coming back to your place, no matter what, is because it's genuine and it reflects who you are. I like what I read. I like what I see here. You are an amazing person, Lisa. And I'm happy I found your blog a couple of years ago.

(Good thing about the teething is you'll both forget about it soon)

amisha said…
posts like this are one of the reasons i treasure this space so much. i read this awhile back and it's been in my head since, and i wanted to come back at a quieter time and write you a comment (but really it should be a long long email...) so many of these things in my head now too. and what you wrote about feeling 'high school' and wondering about comments-- yes. i have been feeling that too, so much-- and wondering why i am doing this, and what it means to me, and how that has changed since i started-- and more, if i want to keep doing it and why. i'm not sure. i know that if i stopped reading, i would feel left out like bug said and i'd miss folks a lot. but sometimes i wonder how much i have to say and whether it's worth putting it out there. i am just not sure what to do. and so, so ambivalent about facebook and twitter and the rest-- they just don't feel the same as reading a post like this and the way that it resonates.
thank you for this lisa... xoxo

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