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b-day cupcakes

every year i'm surprised it's my birthday again. any wiser? nope! just older. this year in particular has sped by... last year i was cryptically implying that life altering things were in the wings. and here they are. the little is on her way to being a year old... my studio is built in my backyard... it's amazing to me how time can simultaneously fly by and yet things are happening. i can document, see, touch, them...

and this year it's amazing to get so many birthday wishes on facebook! i forgot they had the birthday reminder feature. and there are a lot of b-days happening right around now. bara , diana , karen , tracy , abigail ... i'm sure i'm missing someone....

Binding Constant at Rare Device

so here we go. install is friday for me ... before the opening of course.

Opens Friday October 2, 2009
from 7-9pm [i'll be there! come say hi !!!]

with marina luz and diem chau . two artists i totally LOVE and ADMIRE.

my portion this show is "his and hers" -- all about my grandparents and my memories of them. i'll upload pictures of all the pieces after the opening. and my statement on the show here. all art is personal - duh - but this show is really really near and dear to me. they will also be available for viewing [and purchase] on rare device's site.

ok - gotta run to pick up the babe.....
happy tuesday!


sophia said…
happy birthday lisa!
Tracy said…
happy happy day lisa! (and the show looks to be spectacular!) xo
patricia zapata said…
Happy birthday Lisa!!! :)
Anne Marie said…
Happy Birthday Lisa! And Good Luck on your Show. Love what you have shown us and looking forward to see the rest.
claire platt said…
happy birthday! Can't wait to see pictures of the show!
Happy Birthday Lisa! It's so wonderful that you have had so many momentous happenings in this past year! I look forward to hearing your thoughts about your work; about your ideas of legacy, as you mentioned before.
bugheart said…
happy birthday!
an amazing year.
can't wait
to see your
work for
the show.
Katrina said…
happy birthday, lisa. i'm so hoping to stop by the opening on friday night, post-conference in oakland that day. i will shyly say hello and can't wait to see the work in-person. congrats to you!
gracia said…
A year can speed by in part and take its time in others... sprint or stroll, it never ceases to amaze. I cannot believe your little dear heart is soon to be one... where did the time go?

Here's to birthday love and cupcakes and art!

g xo
jen said…
what an amazing year! hope you had a great birthday!
julie said…
and what a year it has been for you!!! may your next one be full of other new ventures :)
happy birthday!!! i have a thing for Libran females..
Hugs xxx
Esti said…
A year, a whole year... like a dresser full of drawers you can fill with family, love, art, events, meetings... Here's to another great year!
babelfish said…
Ooh, happy birthday (and what an eventful year it's been) :) may the new year bring plenty of love, success and happiness! xo
Solo said…
Just drop by to say happy birthday. ;D

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I love the pieces about your grandparents. I am a porcelain potter and have a piece titled "Grandmas Perm"

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