a domestic life {08} + mi casa su casa

a domestic life :: 08 :: swan

the last completed domestic life sketchbook drawing. i have a bunch more polaroids, but haven't made any more drawings. sigh.

this is the window sill in our new and improved bathroom [i will post about this someday]. the little blue swan is from my grandmother. our whole bathroom is white and blue. the window is right above the tub -- when i was looking for windows i HATED the frosted/privacy ones. so i splurged and bought Strossel Design window film from rare device it's really pretty. and makes me happy.

mini herb garden

if you want to see more of my house. well, actually more like snippets of my house you should go to cafe mom . sheri kindly asked me to participate [sheri + shari also put this joy + ride together. it's a GREAT spot for inspiration and has featured countless of my favorite artists/bloggers].

above is one of the photos from the tour. the great herb garden in colander idea isn't mine. someone brought it over as a hostess gift the other day. cute, huh?

there's also a funny photo of me from the 70's - doing a model pose. heh heh.

have a good wednesday!


Karen said…
Su Casa is so lovely!! I love the story about the wallpaper... And what a cute picture of you!

sophia said…
your home is lovely lisa. your home exudes nostalgia, personality and charm.
shari said…
your house is lovely. thanks also for the kind words about j+r. xo
bugheart said…
loved your post
on cafe mom...
such a cute
1970s photo
of you too!
i love your home...
every object
it's own story.
it makes
so much more
although i
guess it makes
things harder
to give away...
hence the
when do we
get to see
your studio
in full
operation mode?
gracia said…
One lone swan... beautiful... hopeful... haunting. It makes me think that sometimes it is the things omitted that make all the difference. I really like this pairing.
g xo
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the tour of your home. How wonderful that you have things of your grandmother's to keep her in your thoughts everyday. And you are already passing a few of your own childhood things along to the little one. These will warm her heart, I am sure.
mandarine said…
i love the way you present your polaroid...
(in a sketchbook with colored scotch)
julie said…
i so enjoyed the tour around your home - discovering more about you!
love your taste for stuff :)

amisha said…
that photo of you = awesome.
and so fun to see inside your home. so many wonderful little bits of memory and meaning... it feels so cozy.
denise said…
What a peaceful polaroid--I like the blue tape too. I'm tempted to steal your kind friend's herb garden in colander idea, but I don't seem to be very lucky with my indoor herb gardening. I don't think the situation of my apartment windows allow my herbs enough sun. My oregano and rosemary are alive, but quite scraggly... Your herbs look superb!

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