playing dress up and detritus/rejects

playing dress up

so - my first day back at work went OK! i had the back to school jitters. thought about what to wear, what to say to the students [how to be serious, but also convey humor at the same time]. the what to wear thing was a bit more complicated as i had to pick something so that i could easily pump. hence the button front dress was chosen.

i couldn't help but think i was playing dress up as i was running around the house making sure i had everything i needed. i've been wearing jeans and t-shirts and no make up for 8+ months. it was odd to wear nice clothes. when i dropped cc off at daycare they commented on how "adult" i looked ! ha !


i'm frantically getting ready for my upcoming show "binding constants" with marina luz and diem chau at rare device . it opens next friday. i'll post a bit more about it next week [if you are on my mailing list you got my newsletter already!].

it's funny that once the work is "done" there's all this other work to do. measuring, signing all the pieces, cleaning them up. hence the above detritus.


when lisa c came over to do a studio visit we were chatting about all the stuff that we reject. that doesn't make the cut and that no one ever sees. how many times did i draw or stitch something only to have it not work out correctly? above are some of the rejects and research for this show.

i'm thinking it would be really cool to curate a show SOLELY of rejects. i wonder why and what we as artists reject and if other people would think they were rejects or not.

my inks

just because art supplies make me giddy. here are my lovely acrylic inks. soldiers ready to march to work.

OK... back to getting my price list ready....
have a great weekend. see you next week!


betsy said…
I really like what you have to say here, lj. It's fascinating and all so personal because it gets mixed up with intention, process and product. I love the idea of a Rejects show. :D xo
Hayley said…
I loved nursing, but didn't much care for pumping. Though I remember dressing for the part [and being walked in on several times!]. Now all my shirts are incredibly stretched out from being constantly pulled on by a clingy toddler. Enjoy those buttons now. :)

I like the idea for a reject show, but think it would be a tough sell to get people to go see [or buy] "rejects". Would be more interesting to see process- the "rejected" pieces and studies paired with the finished work.
babelfish said…
Hi you, so pretty and lady-like :) Hope you enjoyed your first day at work and everything went well. I love your 'reject' idea, the steps through work-in-progress always fascinate me.
Bobbi said…
Just happened upon your blog and I had to say.... cute shoes!
bugheart said…
i love
the idea
of a show
of rejects.
i often
fall in love
with the
that my
artist friends
it would be interesting
to learn
the different
ways people
what to reject.
gracia said…
Rejects! Ah, yes!

And art supplies are so darn swoon-worthy, aren't they?

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