we are on a little summer holiday

so cal 60's door

cc and i are in so-cal visiting my parents. i can't believe she made the car trip w/out too much drama. she is NOT a fan of the car. she isn't one of those babies that you can put in the car and they'll fall asleep. i wish. she is one of the oh i don't like sitting backwards and i get car-sick kind of babies.

it never ceases to amaze me that the air just feels different here than in northern california.

one of my favorite things about my parent's house is their front door. their house was built in 1962 so it's modern-esque. the front door and door knob are the best, though, aren't they?? this would be a great house to furnish with eames and nakamura and nelson - if only... it'd be really fun to see it all period.

so cal figs

my mom is also a good farmer. she has persimmon trees and an avocado tree [came with the house. believe it or not my parents HATE avocados], and a fig tree. yum. yum. my mom and grandmother actually used to run a vegetable seed business for awhile. i should dig out some of the old catalogues. there are funny pictures of me next to veggies. speaking of gardening.... i wrote a post which features our new garden for sew green tomorrow.

anyway - we'll be a bit absent from blogland while we are here. plus i have to finish getting my syllabi together. it's hard to believe, but i'll be going back to teaching in just 2 weeks. where has all the time gone???


sophia said…
persimmon, avocado...and fig?? oh my...that's breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! yum!!
betsy said…
I was wondering how the car trip went! Glad to hear little F was a star. :D Have a wonderful visit with your parents. xoxo
Hi Lisa! It's been a long time since I've come to visit! I'm glad to see you are enjoying some vacation time right now...I'm sure your parents are absolutely smitten with CC!

An avocado tree? That's awesome! I wish I could grow one of those in Wisconsin. Darn...
bugheart said…
maybe someday
i can meet
you at
your parents
and eat all
their avocados...
that door
reminds me
of something
on the house
in the movie
mon onkle.

where did
the time go?
Elise said…
Hello, lovely post. Really enjoyed reading some of your site - perfect ! Thanks for sharing & lovely to say hi too...
rori said…
have fun in the oc! hopefully i'll get to see you all again in november. Fall is already starting here, what a change. xoxo
babelfish said…
Have a fabulous relaxing holiday, you deserve it!
julie said…
how i love figs and avocados...

hope you enjoy some time off (being spoilt ;))
wendy said…
oh I bet your parents just loved on cc all sorts.
I like how there is an echo of circles in a line with the door & the figs photographs.
good luck with getting back into the swing of teaching.

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