blending together


the days are blending together for me. not because i'm doing the same thing everyday, but because i can't really keep tabs on anything more than what is happening THAT DAY. i think i always want to live more in the moment, but... i guess i must confess that ultimately i'm a planner and i feel as if i'm about to forget something hugely important.

hopefully that won't happen. i also kind of feel like if i can make it through the next few months things are going to shift again. in a big way.

so in no particular order here are some things that have been on my mind/happened:

1. i got a haircut today. as you can see in the above photo [another work day - the outfit made me think of martha and her new line - UN have you seen it?] my hair was almost to my shoulders! i haven't had hair that long since high school??

2. we've been eating out of our garden. the broccoli the other night was the best i've ever eaten. seriously. i'm so glad we conquered those broccoli caterpillars. tonight we had beet greens. our tomatoes are just finishing. my husband has been an amazing farmer and cook. sorry i don't have photos of our goodies [keep eating them before i think of it] but i feel so lucky to see items on my plate that come from our yard.

3. i've got a couple of ideas i'm researching for drawings. i'm thinking about how to take familiar imagery [my vocabulary] down new paths . seeing heather's layered drawing got me all excited to try these new things. it's been a couple of weeks since i've done anything in the studio and i'm itching to. next week....

4. i'm trying to relish teaching as due to the insane budget shortfalls here in california it looks as is my teaching days are numbered. this makes me sad. i've been thinking about how much i missed teaching when i was on maternity leave. and now that i'm back how much i will miss it again. of course there are things about it that are exasperating.... but there are moments in the classroom where i can feel and see minds and ideas shifting and forming and that is so exciting. i keep trying to believe that there is a greater force at work [all things happen for a reason] and that it will be good for me to take a break. spend more time with the little. maybe more studio time? maybe go back to freelancing?

5. the smell of rain is so good.

6. my parents are going to japan soon and i've been reliving my trips there. wishing i could travel again. i think i still have some polaroids to show from that trip. and speaking of polaroids... film. will be back. the impossible has happened !!!

6 is a good number. will stop here. hope things are good in your necks of the woods....


shari said…
hey hey lisa.

love that outfit. so glad to hear you conquered the caterpillars. we had an amazing chard gratin last night--was our final chard harvest.

i hope you'll be able to continue teaching but if not i'm sure a break will be nice as will increased amt. of time in your studio.

hugs. hi to the little.
Anonymous said…
Since you enjoy teaching (for the most part) and are talented at it, it is likely that it will find a way back into your life somehow. Thru some other school or setting? By popular demand from former students who want to take small group lessons, for example? In the meantime, you can enjoy more time in the studio, free lance, and/or spend time with the little one and hubbie enjoying those tastey home grown veggies!!
melissa s. said…
love the outfit, the flippy hair and your + attitude. and i agree - the smell of rain is so, so good. xo
denise said…
love the photograph and #2...better to have the veggies in your belly than to have good photos and veggies gone bad :)
Esti said…
Good to hear you are enjoying a nice yard harvest. We had our first yard tomatos this last summer. And yes, it feels (and tastes) differently. The taste of success at something natural maybe?

Enjoy the time with your little and the opportunitty of spending more time in the studio. teaching will come to you again sooner or later.

The smell of rain on the dusty pavement is one of my favourite smells. :)
gracia said…
After nodding to many of the things on your list and liking how you describe the others, number six is a fitting full stop. Here's to some kind of big, potentially brilliant, too, shift.

g xo

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