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someone kindly emailed to say that they couldn't comment on this post. oops! after fixing a broken link all sees to be working now?? sorry if you tried and weren't able to. and if you WANT to comment - you now can... or not.... happy weekend!

thanks for all the studio love... i'm so happy you are all so happy for me !

sketch clover

on monday i was holed up in the studio researching researching researching - and printing printing printing - pages and pages upon things for upcoming drawings. it was super nice outside and i had an urge to just sit outside and sketch for a minute.

and so i sat in my doorway [which i still have to show you - it's a custom swinging door] and sketched the clover at my feet.

it made me realize how much i miss just drawing something in front of me....

and so later in the day after a walk outside with the little i also quickly sketched this:

sketch pods

japanese maple seed pods [totally made me think of abigail and heather ]

i saw poppytalk's post on whitelines books and had to run out and get one for myself. [there was actually a store in oakland that had ONE left. just one. i snagged it]

more info on whitelines

note to self : try and find time to sketch. seriously.

i was recently gifted two books and they are UHmazing. i heart them. [it doesn't hurt that they are both by incredibly great people]

wall paper projects

by Lauren Smith and Derek Fagerstrom owners of the curiosity shoppe

Wallpaper Projects: 50 Craft and Design Ideas for Your Home, from Accents to Art

is a BEAUTIFUL book. with easy to follow instructions. of course i now want to add wallpaper to a ton of things in my house. i even have a couple of rolls of vintage wallpaper... now i need the time.

bend the rules with fabric

by Amy Karol - our favorite angry chicken

Bend the Rules with Fabric: Fun Sewing Projects with Stencils, Stamps, Dye, Photo Transfers, Silk Screening, and More

how much does this book rock? so much. there is something about the way amy describes things that just makes sense to me. plus she's funny. and the aunt sarah/uncle pete dolls are just the coolest idea ever? enough said.

sketching and books. [well, sketchbooks are books too, huh?]. i love holding books. turning pages... technology is great, but give me a good book anyday. yup.

2nd 1/2 of the week, here i come... hope yours are good. see you next week.


babelfish said…
Ooh you're a tease with the talk of your studio, show us pictures now :) Fantastic looking books, I'm adding them to my wishlist right away! ( your sketch and the beautiful whitelines book.
gracia said…
Oh, yes, must find time to do the very same. Drawing from direct observation or capturing those ideas seen fleetingly in mind's eye are more than worthwhile and vital... they are enjoyable. Utterly.
denise said…
I like the idea of you drawing the clover at your feet--so simple and so beautiful.
julie said…
aching to get back to drawing/painting/sticking...
and definately agree to turning paper pages :) xx
Esti said…
I agree, surfing the net gives you fleeting pleasure, but browsing through a good book is something to treasure. I must check those books.

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