polaroid week 2009 + save the red thread studio


it's that time again. roid week

so i'm digging polaroids out from the archive again. last year's trip to new hampshire and maine for lisa congdon and my show at art stream studios . i'll show the diptychs maybe on friday...

above... the artists who had a studio next to
mav's . their window was gorgeous.


lights at artstream

the plane the plane

the plane in the doorway at the apartment we stayed at


the hydrangea in my room in new hampshire


mav's old studio
mailings for port2port press


go internet community go!

A few months ago, Angelia suffered a fire in her Virginia-based studio/handmade goods shoppe - the red thread studio . You can read more about it right here .

Basically, she lost all of her stock, so Design for Mankind is leading a fundraiser to help her recoop her merchandise and get the shoppe back in order. We'd love to raise $3,000 in order to support her efforts and, in turn, support the handmade community.

I've donated some underdog ink merch - and there's a TON of great art by great artists available! There are a few donation tiers, offering free handmade goods and artwork for any $5+ donation that's received. See it all here . go. support. help.


thanks for spreading the word, sweet lisa.
Solo said…
Thanks for sharing this great post. ;D

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Des said…
Polaroid pictures really are the best. Thanks for sharing this.
babelfish said…
Love seeing the world through your eyes, great captures. (I think it's great that the internet community support one another to keep the grassroot arts & crafts movement alive, you are lovely to mention this and for your own contribution)

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