not a creature was stirring

happy happy merry merry everyone

hello everyone ! quick post as we've all come down with a cold here at casa lisa. sigh. it's not a bad one, but we've got the munchkin squeek sneeze/cough from the little, the soprano cough/snot noises from me and the bass snot/cough from hubby covered.

i just wanted to pop in and say hope that you and yours have a wonderful holiday and the best new years possible. i think i'm going to take a break from posting here until 2010 [but will hopefully have a minute to catch up with you all out there]. and while we did not get holiday cards done in time this year, there IS a new years card. and it will definitely go out to anyone who sent us a card :).

this year has been an incredible whirlwind with so much shifting and changing. i'm forever grateful to all my friends and family. and to everyone here. to everyone that reads, stops by, says hello, never comments, emails, stands on their heads, whatever. thank you for being a part of this community in any way shape or form.

tinsel tree when you squint at night

wrapping this year

for more on my holidays [and a host of other artist's holiday ideas too] see stephanie levy's advent calendar

see you soon.


melissa s. said…
merry merry to you & the fam, and hope you all feel better soon! xo
life in yonder said…
Merry Christmas Lisa! Wishing the best for you and your family during the holidays and the comming year. Looking forward to share another year with you here in B-land
jenifer lake said…
good to run into you; albeit brirfly :) have a fantastic new years too!
bugheart said…
happy happy
belated christmas
happy new year
dear lisa!
we are trying
to get a new years
card out too...
hope you have
a wonderful
new year...
i must email
you now.
Anonymous said…
Wishing you and your fam a wonderful holiday season and a healthy and happy 2010. Your story about your parents and the lack of a fireplace was great! I wonder if they remember it themselves.
caramela said…
I wanted to wish you and your family a Happy New Year!
Annamaria xo
babelfish said…
So great to hear you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, can't believe the last decade flown by so quickly?! Hoping we live every minute of 2010 to the full so that time goes by with purpose and of good cheer. Warm wishes and love to you all. x

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