pondering graditude

fall sky
[can you see the moon? fall skies are just so bright]

it's hard to believe we are in the last month of the year isn't it??

i was oh so so sick a week ago. nothing like sickness to force you to slow down and give you a bit of time to reflect. even if it's through a green goo haze.

and then it was thanksgiving - the little's first. with the husband sick in bed with what i had [oh i felt bad]. baby's first non-traditional holiday. no turkey to be had at our house. we had a japanese food feast instead :) don't get me wrong - i like me a good turkey - and i really like all the trimmings [cranberry sauce in particular. and stuffing]. but i also like being a bit non-conformist [can you tell?]. growing up i remember several irregular thanksgivings in my household. we had sukiyaki, we had ribs, we had chinese food....

i used to like going to school the next day saying "oh no we didn't have turkey" and seeing the look of slight shock on my classmate's faces.

but really i've been thinking about gratitude. as we roll into december - the month where i start to feel intense pressure :: shopping, cards, grading, studio, and now also baby... oy. how are we supposed to get this all done? i have wanted to just stop. maybe this is the year that i don't send out holiday cards [or they morph into new year's cards?]. i'm grateful for so many things. this has been such a strange and amazing and jam packed year. i just picture this huge pendulum swinging back and forth the good and the not so great back to the good again.

and thus this post really hit home with me today. i can't say it any better.



if you are in the Bay Area you have to shop at Holidayland. seriously good stuff. handmade good stuff. i have some stuff... underdog ink stuff AND some things from my NEW VENTURE with a friend. we're in the midst of making sure our name isn't trademarked by anyone else - once that's all done with i'll be talking about it more here. i'm really excited about this project.

Holidayland is at

blankspace gallery

and the compound gallery

i just became one of the compound gallery's art in a box artists. it's a great subscription. check it out.

Modern Mouse

you should also shop at modernmouse. either in the store on alameda island, or online. more handmade small artisan goodness. seriously. and eleen, the owner, is the sweetest.

OK. i have to get some grading done before i crawl into bed and start all over tomorrow morning. more soon....


julie said…
uchh.. sorry to hear your have been sick.
i have also enjoyed being non-conformist with a lot of things in my life but find with my girls that its nice to revert a little to the traditions... we also really enjoy making our own new traditions as a family.

beautiful image and agree with you about sharis post. xx
denise said…
I'm all for a Japanese meal on Thanksgiving, or whatever non-traditional feast suits your mood. For Thanksgiving this year, my father made enchiladas. They were fantastic! I'm thankful for our tasty meal and oh so many other things. Life is good. I'm glad to know you are on the mend :)
caramela said…
Lovely and refreshing post as usual- with my eldest back for Christmas, there will be four young-ones in the house, ok. they are not babies anymore, but still I can soooo relate to the anxiety about getting it all done-...-best-
Annamaria :)
Karen said…
Absolutely LOVING the picture you posted. Hope everyone has recovered from the illness!

As for non-traditional feast... it's the spirit of being thankful that counts! I grew up not eating turkey so I have never been fond of it. We tend to have Asian inspired feasts for our celebrations...

gracia said…
I see the moon! I see the moon!

Sorry to here you've been feeling so poorly, but happy to read of your gratitude musings. December!? Already? It feels as though it is about to get very, very busy and I really only fancy a nap.

sophia said…
hope you are doing better lisa.
i sent christmas/new year's emails one year b/c i remember feeling swamped one year! (oh the guilt!)
babelfish said…
Your photo is beautiful, did you use a filter? love the blue...I've been sick too, I guess it's the change in weather and the constant rain from the month before (perhaps with a bit of busy chaos that comes with the end of year?) Hope you are better now, and glad to hear you've enjoyed thanksgiving the unconventional way :) there's always turkeys at Christmas right? take care x
Des said…
Excellent photo. And yes, it is shocking how quickly this year has gone by.
bugheart said…
i can't wait to see
the products
of your new venture.

i so know what you mean
about wanting it to stop.
but i never can
manage to get holiday cards out.


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